Crypto Investor Review – A Scam or Legit Let’s Find Out

Traders these days are becoming smarter every day. They are generating money from the cryptocurrency market for several years. They owe their riches to the trading apps. But not all software is capable of providing the money the traders are expecting to generate. Most of them are a scam designed to steal the money off the users. 

In this review, we will prove to you that Crypto Investor is a scam. There are many scam websites with the same design attracting people to invest in their apps. Why do we include this website in our list of scammers? You will find out as you continue to read this review. 

What is Crypto Investor?

Crypto Investor claims to be one of the profitable trading apps in the market today. According to them, they use a unique trading algorithm in identifying profitable trades regardless of the market conditions. Because of this, the platform was able to minimize volatility and maximizes revenues. You might have heard this sales pitch in the past, but this is actually how the app is designed. 

To attract more people to invest, they mentioned that they need only 15 minutes a day to produce a passive income. They claim that the winning rate is 87%, which is highly profitable. The question is, is this for real? The app is easy to use that even those without any experience in financial trading can use it. 

Supposedly Crypto Investor is 100% free. Do you find this possible or ridiculous? It looks like they are hiding something, and to cover it up, they are offering something useful to attract people. 

How does it work?

Crypto Investor is a simple app that is created to generate money for those who operate it. They are connected with some fake brokers, and they get paid when someone makes a deposit. To encourage people to register and deposit, the scammers offer you a free app that assures you that you will earn lots of money on it. 

After you register with Crypto Investor, you will be asked to deposit at least the minimum amount and assign a broker to you. This is how they generate money. Upon trading, you will lose all your money. Your money is already in the hands of the scammers.

Sometimes, they will allow you to win, but you cannot withdraw your money as you will need to pay the fees. If you encounter software that will offer you free profits, but you will be required to deposit a certain amount for the broker, the possibility that this app is a scam is high. 

Why Crypto Investor is a scam?

We have written this Crypto Investor review to check whether this app is legitimate or not. It may look like a reliable site at first, but we have found evidence to prove this software is a scam upon checking it.  

Questionable win ratio

If you are new in trading, you might find it hard to succeed. But, once you start earning from it, it is a big success for you. But there are some limits. You will never be able to win all the trades. The Crypto Investor claims to have an 87% win-ratio, which is not possible. Not even the most reliable and legitimate softwares can achieve this. 

The truth is you will never earn from this software even with an 87% win-rate. You will make only $10 per $10,000, which means you will lose more money. It only means that what Crypto Investor claims is not possible. 

Claims are all lie

The Crypto Investor website was developed to make people believe that generating money with cryptocurrencies is easy. According to them, Bitcoin has created an all-time high this year, but it is not valid. 

As you can see in TradingView, Bitcoin’s all-time high was seen in 2020, and the price is lowered. This only proves that making money with cryptocurrencies is not only buying any time. You will also notice in the picture that Crypto Investor foresee in 2025 that the global crypto market could reach over 6 billion dollars. 

Crypto Investor

This does not make any sense because the global crypto market now is worth over $360 billion. It only shows that the one operating this app does not know about the actual situation of cryptocurrencies. 

Using the name of a well-known personality

The website uses Mark Mobius name, the founder of Mobius Capital Partners, to make the software look legit and attract people to invest. Mr. Mobius is not promoting the app, nor have used it to trade. So, don’t get fooled by this scam. You may find comments on some reviews telling readers that it is a legal site. Some people are paid to write positive comments.


The Crypto Investor is a scam designed to steal money from users. They work together with a shady broker so scammers can get some commission. Never trust this app. If you want to experience trading online, search for sites that work with a regulated broker. Use a demo account first using virtual money so you can learn how to trade. Do not trade using real money unless you have a good strategy and understand the risk. 

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Is Crypto Investor a scam or legitimate?

This software is not a reliable app. Just like other scam sites, its primary purpose is to steal the user’s money. This website is not safe, stay away from it.

What is the minimum initial deposit?

The initial deposit required is $250 before you could start trading in Crypto Investor. 

Is there a mobile app available?

Upon our research, we cannot find any mobile app for this software. 

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