Cryp Trade Capital is Scam! Warning Review

These days’ people are finding ways to make money online. And because of this affiliate marketing it’s becoming popular. However, there is a certain type of trading that is getting more success it is known as the Cryptocurrency. Because of emergence of Bitcoin, the Cryptocurrency is popular today.

But wait, before you make further action read our Cryp Trade Capital review first. This review will help you decide wisely. The company is offering an investment plan that uses cryptocurrency. It’s a new business that was introduced in the end of 2016. The website will educate you concerning the cryptocurrency since only few are aware about this yet.

Upon visiting the we noticed that the website is not as transparent as compared to another website. It lacks some important information. The developers of this website go straight into selling you the idea. If you are into MLM in the past you know that there is a product that is being offered. Unfortunately, this firm is not offering anything. There is no product to sell, only ideas on how you can earn money. The business has specific portfolios that are what most stock brokers do. The alleged director of is Vitaly Ipatov and is being run by a team of highly educated and expert managers that want to share their expertise to others.

The platform is described as advance cryptocurrency trading scheme developed and maintained by well skilled engineers and technicians. It includes the use of advanced tools used in trading and to generate profits for investors 24/7. They did not mention anything that pertains to how investments are carried out or what these tools can do. The lack of information might be a way of keeping the method guarded that is so revolutionary. They cannot risk anyone knowing about it. They are careful someone might steal and copy it.

A legit company that is sure of what they can offer and who they want to consider would be proud to tell everybody who owns it, and where it is based. They can post it on their website rather than mentioning it only on their promo video that could have been created using stock photos. Our review will present to you evidences that will prove that Cryp Trade Capital is scam. The next paragraphs will contain the proofs and will show you how dangerous if one invests their money on it.

Cryp Trade Capital is Scam – Three Evidences

This Cryp Trade Capital review will tell you how HYIP works and how high the ROI is if you invest on it at moderately low deposits. It’s viral right now and is attracting number of new investors each day.

This review will show you how good the site is as what they claim. In the past months, we have been checking on their site and find evidences that will confirm our suspicious that this is a scam. After thorough investigation, we have collected enough evidences proving that this company is a scam. We have enumerated them in this review.

First Evidence – Unknown Owner/Developer

They did not mention the real name of the owner. The only information they provided about the owner is that he is operating out of Panama. Their website was registered from Panama a year ago. Aside from that, no other information about the owner was provided. This is not surprising since most of the scam websites hide the name of the owner, so that people will not have any idea who to pursue to in case they close up. Scam artists prefers to remain anonymous.

The company claims that they are being managed by a group of highly skilled team of managers that are experts in cryptocurrency trading. But we doubt it for many reasons. First, the names of skilled managers were never mentioned. If they are really talented and skillful they should have no problem giving out names and trading history.

Second Evidence – Unregulated Company

Just like other scam websites, is unregulated by any investment authority and is uninsured against loss of trading or hacking. It only means that if one deposits your money, you need to know all the risk involved. This Cryp Trade Capital review is a warning never invests on unregulated and uninsured company. There are lots of serious risks involved if you do so. We want to reach as many people as possible to keep them protected against these scams. So, be very careful when dealing with this kind of business.

Third Evidence – Impossible Profits

The company is offering several HYIPs where you can invest as long as one year. The lowest amount they offer is 215.35% up to 361.35%. These amounts are too good to be true and are very high and it is completely unrealistic. The offer is very high actually these are not possible. The firm is using a Ponzi scheme. The business is not trading forex or anything for that matter.

If the firm runs out of resources, the members will not be able to get paid. This is how pyramid scheme goes and is the basis for thousands of scam websites every year. Earning is possible in business with Ponzi scheme only if the developer is honest and the website is growing every day with new investors. But with it’s impossible. They might ask you for additional deposits to keep your account active.

Cryp Trade Capital Review Conclusion

This review proves that Cryp Trade Capital is scam and you should stay away from this. The evidences we have gathered proves that this is a fraud and it is impossible for you to get rich. We want to warn as many people as we can about this fraud business.

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