Crisis Trader is Scam! Critical Review

We have been reviewing thousands of scams software and we have a suspicion that Crisis Trader is scam as well. Because of this we are prompted to create this CrisisTrader review to prove our claim and warn day traders about it. This complete review will expose the lies and deception found in their

We will present to you the evidences that will prove this software allegedly develop by Cameron Doyle is a scam. Before you take further action, we suggest that you read our comprehensive Crisis Trader review from start to finish. This app promises to help traders boost their trading profits and becomes rich fast.

We will start our review by stating what the system can offer and how they will help you become rich. By using the app, you can trade automatically and all you need to do is to wait for the result. The first thing you need to know is that CrisisTrader is a relaunch of old scam known as Cognitrade. If you visit the only thing you will see is their promo video with the company name on it. This software was designed to target rookie traders, attract more victims by promising thousands of daily profits. Aside from warning traders about this ridiculous scam, we also want to expose all the lies so people would stop joining them.

The succeeding paragraphs of our Crisis Trader review will state in details the evidences that will confirm this app is a scam. This fraud application makes use of same old technique that scammers use to trick people. Some of you might have victimized by this scam and there is no way you can get your money back. Although, we cannot help you with your money at least we can help warn others not to entrust their money.

Crisis Trader is Scam – Three Evidences

This relaunched binary options trading robot is used to promote the old scam Cognitrade and not You will notice that they did not remove the Cognitrade logo in their promo vide and even mentioned it several times. The scammers behind this scam created a new site, as a front to promote the old scam again. It looks like the people behind this app won’t quit promoting an already proven scam and it is clear in this Crisis Trader review. People who sign up for the first time are being convinced that they can earn a lot using the system. The alleged developer Cameron Doyle assures member that they can earn $1000 a day without doing anything. Let this be a warning to everyday. This earning is impossible to achieve in trading.

Our team carefully investigated which is supposedly developed by Cameron Doyle. We discovered there are several suspicious facts and claims, as well as misleading information to trick traders particularly the novices. But most essentially, this software is a relaunch of an older scam Cognitrade. We need to know what is really happening with this auto app because the system used by the developer is the essence of fraud app we are continuously combatting against. Thus, we have provided critical evidence and highlight the facts to prove that Crisis Trader is scam and you should not trust them at all.

First Evidence – Cameron Doyle is a Fake

Cameron Doyle is an actor paid to lie in front of the camera. According to him he worked as an IBM system analyst before he opens his own trading company. He said he was able to collect a net worth of $10 million and he will soon share it to the public. But upon further investigation we cannot find any evidence that will prove his existence. The fact that we have proven in the past that Cognitrade Company is not a real company it is easy to say that this app is also a scam. We tried searching for Cameron Doyle in Google, but we failed to find any information that will prove his existence. The results we got only direct us to Crisis Trader and nothing else. It is a clear indication that this system is a scam.

Second Evidence – Fake Reviews

As expected this application is full of lies and fake characters. Since we already knew that Cognitrade is a scam there is no doubt that this program is a scam as well. Check out the testimonies, all of them are supposed to be users of this program and these people are promoting it because they earn a lot. Unfortunately, we found your account at and you are being paid to lie in front of the camera. All of the fraud applications we have reviewed are doing the same thing. It looks like Fiverr actors are earning big because of these scams. The actors used in advertisements and TV commercials are not considered as scam since people are aware that they are actors. And that is how businesses promote their products.

But in the case of this fake software it is a sign of being a scam. You might be wondering why. It’s because these Fiverr actors are providing results that are not real. If there is someone that is really earning big then he should be proud and is willing to show proofs.

Third Evidence – Scam Software

The people behind this fraud are desperate to encourage as many as they can. They are after your money and are doing everything to manipulate and trick interested traders from all angles. They are forcing people to sign up by telling the viewers they only have 20 new spots available for free. According to them, once the spots are taken, they will be asked to pay a sign up fee aside from the monthly payments. Don’t fall for this, it’s a trap. This is an overused tactic for rushing traders to sign up and deposit money before they realized they are being scammed.

Crisis Trader Review Conclusion

This thorough review proves that Crisis Trader is scam, this software is nothing but a fraud. The fake developer, fake reviews and fake available slots are enough to prove that this application is a scam. If you find this software helpful to you, feel free to share it with others.

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