Countdown to Profits is Scam! Real Review

You are reading this post because you’re searching for a complete review. This could be your lucky day as you are in the right page. We have written this comprehensive review to enlighten investors about this scam. Yes you read it right Richard Paul’s Countdown to Profits is scam. Before you make further action we suggest that you read this review first.

There are things that people need to know about this system. We will start this review by telling you what is Countdown to Profits and how it works. First it is an application that promises people to provide an automated way of generating profit online. This was developed not just for the experts but for the inexperience as well. Actually, this program states that it was designed mainly for those who have been struggling to earn online but had no success. By investing $97 for this program, the user will learn on how they can make money online successfully. According to Richard Paul, they have made the fee as low as possible so more people can take advantage of this opportunity.

This app promises to help you earn thousands of dollars every day. According to Richard Paul, their members are earning over $100,000 every month. If one check out their promo video they describe this system as a copy and paste money app, where as long as the members are able to follow the instructions carefully, they are guaranteed to earn a lot. When we watched the video from start to finish we are confused as to whether they have mentioned how a member can earn more or we just missed that part. So we decided to watch it again. After watching it again we still have no idea how it will help people profit. The video contains how Richard Paul and his childhood friend come up with an algorithm that enables them to make lots of commissions. We heard a lot of how much money a member can earn, but nothing about what you need to do in order to profit.

Countdown to Profits is Scam – Three Evidences

This part of our Countdown to Profits review will reveal how this software tries to trick people. Their website is full of fake promises and lies. If a trader is not sure whether an app is scam or not we suggest that you check out our review and take time to evaluate the system. Most of the time scammers apply the same techniques in fooling people, thus it will be much easier to detect which are legit or not.

After signing up, a member will get some training, the software, payment processing and advertising. Also, the user will be given access to what Richard Paul referred to as a “millionaire mentor”. This is an individual who will serve as your coach to help you get your first commission within thirty days. But the truth is, he will just try to get as much money as he can out of you, buy encouraging and convincing you that you need to buy other products or training. He makes it looks like that a member is paying a small amount as hosting fee. One will know the truth once you read the Terms of Service. Through this a member will realize what actually they are trying to do.

First Evidence – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

In their promo video, the alleged developer mentioned that if a member follows the training thoroughly and you were not able to get a commission in 30 days, they will refund you the membership fee $97 and pay you $500 for watching the video. They are trying to convince you that you will not lose anything because of their 30 day guarantee. But if one checks out the conditions, you are qualified for a refund and for $500 in the purchase agreement; you will notice that they are very difficult and impossible to do. These conditions only show that they don’t have any intention of giving you the $500. They will always find a way not to pay you.

Second Evidence – The Truth About Richard Paul

Richard Paul is the supposed owner of this application. This is the same man associated with other scam platforms like Profit Stacker System and Stark Trading System. If you search Google to find anything about him you will not find anything. The truth is that he is a paid actor and Richard Paul does not exist at all. The actor appears in all the scam programs mentioned. Actually, it looks like that the three programs were developed by the group of scammers who designed this app. Also, some of the photos in the testimonials are the same with the Profit Stacker and Stack Trading System. He even suggested using Profit Stackers to earn money.

Third Evidence – No Algorithm Presented

Any application that was not able to present how a member will earn by using the system is a bogus. What this application is offering is too good to be true. If such program really exists, people would be interested on using it. If you are the developer and you have this secret money generating algorithm, then there is no way one will share his secret to others and create a training program and offer it at a very low price. This how the scammers behind this platform earns money. If his secret algorithm is really working then why  bother to create such app. If he really wants to help others to earn, then he should have given his system for free.

Countdown to Profits is Scam – Conclusion

This in-depth Countdown to Profits review proves that this system is a scam and people should avoid it. The alleged developer obviously is a fictitious character and is being paid to act. The fraudsters behind this program need someone to represent them to make it look legit so they pay someone to do it. A trader will not be able to know that he is being fooled after you read their Terms of Service.  Definitely this software is a scam.

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  1. It looked to good to be true. Why give the system away when I could just hire myself 1,000 times and make 1,000 more than this knucklehead is saying?


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