CorrecTrade is Scam! Critical Review

In this CorrecTrade review we will explain why registering with this app is not a good idea. Based on their promo video in the system can generate trading signals for binary options. The application is easy to use, the only thing a trader should do is to follow what the platform recommends you to do and watch your investment grow. Sound very enticing and if you are in a hurry to earn, you probably sign up and invest right away.

But wait! Before you can even make another action we suggest that you read our comprehensive CorrecTrade review first. Let us discuss first what it is and how it works. This app is a binary option trading tool that helps trader to earn more in trading. However, works in various ways which according to show that their platform is legit.

We will try to investigate further to find out if CorrecTrade is legit or not. There are several ways to determine whether software is legitimate or not. First thing a trader needs to check is if it’s created by a reliable developer or group of experts. If a program looks suspicious and does not divulge the real creator then there is something wrong with it. Maybe the creators are hiding something from people or they want to remain anonymous so they can do their dirty tricks.

According to presentation the company is working together with regulated brokers. They claim this to attract new and old traders. We will prove to you through this CorrecTrade review that it’s a lie. Through this they can trick the investors to sign-up. They know that traders trust applications that work with regulated brokers.

CorrecTrade is Scam – Three Evidences

The majority of the binary options trading system in the market today are pure scam. They create websites and make impossible promises to attract people. And then they steal the money and empty the investors account. These scam apps run on a fabricated algorithms. Most of them work on the same way. CorrecTrade uses the same algorithm and it will not help you at all to generate the money that you need. Their website is full of lies and impossible promises.

There are different ways to prove to you that CorrecTrade is scam. One way is by presenting to you in this review the evidences and proofs that they are lying in their promo video and what they claim are all lies. Transparency is also very important when assessing the legitimacy of software. CorrecTrade lack this factor thus we think that this is a fraud app.

As you continue reading our CorrecTrade review, you will bit my bit know why we consider a fraud. The app also claims a success rate of 85%. It looks legit because this success rate is achievable, but wait till we expose to you the reality behind this platform.

This thorough CorrecTrade review will reveal some of the lies we found in during our investigation.

First Evidence – No Free Demo

CorrecTrade forces you to trade using real money once you sign up. As compared to legit software that offers free demo this is a risky app. Also, upon depositing your money you will be assigned to a broker. You have no other option and you are not allowed to choose your own broker. These brokers are not at all regulated, but you don’t have a way of knowing it since they are unknown. The thing is that all of the scam app we have reviewed works the same way.

This has makes us believe that CorrecTrade is scam.  This is a very dangerous app. Once you make a deposit, you will not be able to get your money back. Also, they claim that it is for free but it is not really free. Before you can use this scheme, you will be asked to deposit a certain amount. So, if you make a deposit be prepare to lose your investment.

Second Evidence – Anonymous Application

Another major concern with this app is that CorrecTrade application has anonymous creator. Legit software does not hide their identity. Giving trading signals is referred to as investment advice in every country and it is a regulated activity. So, if you really want to do it legally, then you need to get a license and you cannot hide your real identity.

CorrecTrade does not even provide any contact information, so we consider it as anonymous application. Trusting your money to this sort of platform is very dangerous so you need to be very cautious when choosing.

Third Evidence – No Proof of Success

The man who narrates in the CorrecTrade promo video claims they use a unique data calculation process. Whether this is copy trading, quantum programming mechanisms or AI technology it’s not clear and the users will be the one guessing what algorithm they are using.

The investment are supposed to be 100% protected, we found out that they are tied up with unregulated brokers. Their success claim are not being confirmed or backed up by customer reviews, professional investor opinions and by testimonials. So it is best to avoid the CorrecTrade software.

CorrecTrade Review Conclusion

This review proves that CorrecTrade is scam, this system is nothing but a fraud. The evidences are clear, the unknown actor in their presentation is one obvious indication that it’s a fraud system. They were not able to prove that their platform is really working.  No testimonials or user reviews that will prove its worth. The algorithm the system is using is not also clear. Definitely without a doubt this application is a scam and you should stay away from this.

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