Copy Binary is Scam! Trading Software Review

This comprehensive Copy Binary review will reveal and expose all the lies hidden in this software. This is a threatening scam that has been victimizing lots of traders and causing them to lose all their savings. We recommend that you should not invest on this dubious company that is also referred to as the Amissio Formula.

Before you take further action, it is best that you read this Copy Binary review so you will not have a hard time deciding. You may receive their offer on your spam email that has been linked to other scams as well. You are lucky enough to land on this page to read our review. This review contains the information and facts that you need to know about this scam. In the later part of this review we will reveal to you the lies and fake claims in this software.

This will expose bad tactics and how the supposed owner has collaborated with other scams. There is nothing legit about this company. The company has been warned to stop fooling new day trades, but they ignore the warning and continue on what they are doing. If you are reading this review probably you have been victimized by this fraud. In case you haven’t been fooled by this software make sure that you have read this Copy Binary review from start to finish.

Copy Binary is Scam – Three Evidences

Definitely this software is a scam and these three evidences can prove it to you. If you register with this program, you will be redirected to another scam robot. This same robot is being used by other scams. This scheme has demo that fakes results. It shows profits that are impossible to achieve and unreal. So, if you want to switch to the real mode and allow it to trade using your money, it loses. The fraudsters are using different names so they can refer new depositors to brokers they are linked into. The brokers pay them if they refer someone. This is the main objective of this app, to earn affiliated commissions from the fraudsters.

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Please allow cookies by clicking Accept on the banner website is the latest in binary options that features the classic way of trading. The owner of this fake software was quite smart. Instead of creating a new video, he used the old scam video and adds it on their new website with a new URL web address and marketed. By doing this he doesn’t have to spend a lot. It’s actually a success. It was able to trick the google algorithm and make it think that it is a new auto trader. Also, the new URL makes it difficult to find reviews about this fraud. For those are not familiar with Google’s algorithm and ranking, you need to know that this scam has three different names. Aside from Copy Binary and the Amissio Formula, it is also uses the name Auto Trade Profits. These scams are the same.

First Evidence – Fake Owner

Just like other scams, this software is an auto trader that does not work at all, it was developed not to work at all. Its main objective is to earn dollars for themselves and not their subscribers. The man involved in this scam is Craig Phillips. Actually he is involved in 3 other scams mentioned above. Actually, Craig Phillips is not the real creator of these scams he was paid to talk in front of the camera to promote the 4 scams. Aside from Craig Phillips, he also goes by the name George Coleman and Edward Robinson. We are not sure which his real name is. This guy looks professional but every word he utters is a complete lie. We will prove to you that Copy Binary is scam and you should stay away from it no matter what.

Second Evidence – The App Never Loses keeps on repeating that they are the only app that never loses. Really? Then, show us some proof. Upon investigation we found out that most or all of their trades are losing. Also, they are not the only trading scheme that claims to have 100% win rate. Actually, most of the fake program claims that they have 95 to 100% win rate. There are lots of programs that have been introduced and at the same time there are also a huge number that have fallen. Absolutely, there is no such thing as 100% trading scheme. Keep in mind trading is about losing and winning. The application that claims they never lose is a complete liar and a fake. If nobody is losing, why there are lots of complaints about this system? The different character of Craig Phillips has one thing in common; they all claim that they are super rich and super successful. And of course this is also one lie that is hard to believe.

Third Evidence – It Generates Money

In order to determine if the website is legitimate, we have asked the traders who already sign up in this program. They were surprised to learn that the supposed to be owner of this fraud has been working with different fraud apps. We advised them to withdraw their money if they can before it is too late. But we were late, they cannot withdraw it at all. The unregistered brokers are quicker than we do. After depositing the money, they will take losing trades right away to get the money back as fast as possible. After you provided them your email and name they will share it other scammers and you will be spammed with how to become rich fast offers every day. Make sure you will not click any of those links. Most of them contain malware. The software will not help you earn money. It loses your money. The people behind this app have already collected millions of dollars. The money he collected from the traders will be divided as payment to the actor and the production team, and he gets to collect all the remaining. This is the reason why they continue to scam to get enough funds.

Copy Binary Review Conclusion

The Copy Binary is scam and it should be included in the blacklist. This scam uses actor to represent the company. Their website is full of lies and deception to attract new traders to sign up. If you encounter this kind of scheme make sure that you check first reviews about the app before signing up.

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