Coolfund is Scam! HYIP Scheme Review

The best way to earn extra money these days is by investing it into something profitable. However, before putting your hard-earned money into any investment scheme you need to check and investigate first if the company is legit or not. One of the latest HYIP companies that you see online is Cool Fund. We are not just assuming that CoolFund is scam, we are sure about it and we will prove it to you in this review.

We are not recommending this firm, but rather protecting you against this scam. This Coolfund review was written to inform our readers how risky it is to invest money in this kind of company.

Let’s first check out what Coolfund is all about. Cool Fund is a company that offers high yield investment plan. For those who are not yet aware what this scheme is, it is a pyramiding scheme and the only group who are profiting from this are the early members and the affiliate marketers.

If you have plans of joining this kind of investment program make sure that you read our CoolFund review first before you decide. In the past few weeks, we have notice how aggressive they are in promoting the firm to gather as many people as they can. You probably seen them in social media group or heard it from a friend.

This is the reason why you decided to give it a try. But of course before joining you have to be very careful and do some research. And reading our comprehensive CoolFund review will definitely help you a lot.

Coolfund is Scam – Three Evidences

Scammers use the pyramid matrix scheme to get more money from people. The owners are the one who benefit a lot from this as well as their affiliate partners. At present, people are more aware these things won’t work and will not help them at all to earn money.

However, there are still few who still fall from this program and eventually regret that they have invested on it. CoolFund is scam and investors should not trust them at all. You might get something in the beginning but as you increase your investment they will pay you less and in the end you will lose everything that you have invested.

You will only earn in Coolfund if one have the capability to gather as many referrals as you can. These referrals should be able to do the same in order to earn. This type of plan is definitely not intended for individuals who do not want to work for high quality referrals. The firm applies a Ponzi scheme that works as a member to member matrix designed by unknown group of people to make others happy as they claim.

However, that is unreal. We will reveal to you in this CoolFund review and show proofs on what is the real story behind this scam.

First Evidence – Anonymous Owners

If one explores their website you will not find any information about the owner of Coolfund. This means that the business is being run anonymously which is not a good sign. Upon checking at we discovered that Cool Fund is also registered privately on November 15, 2016. The promo video on is hosted on a YouTube account.

There is no other video found on this account, it looks like it was created just to promote CoolFund. If a company, particularly an MLM company does not want to divulge who owns it or runs it, this is an indication that it’s a scam.

Second Evidence – The Matrix Scheme is Not Working at All

We signed up to using 6 different email adds without any referral or sponsor to find out how the admin is profiting from the Ponzi scheme. We were right on how CoolFund works. The six emails got connected to three random sponsors within the matrix. Each sponsors got two of our email accounts. It only implies that the admin has 3 BTC wallets to collect the payments from the members directly without a sponsor. has developed his matrix system to choose his 3 fake accounts to be the primary sponsors for any members who sign-up directly to CoolFund. The developer of this scam cares only for himself and nothing else. The opposite of what they say in their promo video. Actually, the matrix is not real, it’s a scam. In order for the program to work, the owner needs to share all the profits with the members if not it won’t work for a very long time.

Third Evidence – Website Not Working

At the time we are almost complete with our Coolfund review, we tried to visit again the website, unfortunately the site is not working at all. Its either their system is down or they are just hiding from their members requesting for withdrawal. Any business using Ponzi scheme does stay in the market for a long time. Once they have used all their funds paying old members and they are not getting new members, the company will claim for bankruptcy or they will just close up and pack up their bags.

CoolFund Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that this company is a scam and you should not trust them. CoolFund is scam, keep in mind that any business working in Ponzi scheme is a scam and you should not invest on it. If you still want to invest on it and try your luck be prepared to lose your money.

If you find this review helpful to you, feel free to share it with others.

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