Coinsz is Scam! HYIP Review

This complete Coinsz review will reveal the lies and deception hidden at You are reading this review because you are interested in this high yield investment program. But before you take further action we suggest that you read our review first. You will get all the information that a trader should know and everything about this new HYIP scheme.

This review will also includes the primary reasons why we consider as scam. We have been checking out on companies that offers HYIP to warn people how dangerous it is to invest in fraud app. And unfortunately this scheme is one of them. We talked to their customer support, check feedback online and talk to other users and we come up to a conclusion, without a doubt Coinsz is scam.

For those who already lost some money with this fraud website, you can share your experience and warn others so they will not get victimized by this scam. If you want to get your money and find a legit site to help you trade, read our previous and coming reviews. Let us start evaluating this application. Before we can conclude why is scam, you need to know and understand first claims. Actually, most of their claims are not real and the scammers are telling people these things to encourage them to sign up and invest on it.

Below are some of the reasons why we considered it as scam.

Coinsz is Scam – Three Evidences

This website claims that it is based in the UK but there are other countries involved and you should review this information thoroughly and determine if it’s what you expect. Coinsz is very new, and because of this it does not have an online reputation as of the moment. As compared to other new businesses, we recommend that you need to be very careful and if needed get in touch with the owners before you sign up. The problem is that the company has an anonymous owner.

According to them is a very profitable group of cryptocurrency traders that generate massive profits online. They said they are sharing their investment with you in exchange for your dollars. Upon searching we have found out that this statement is not true because it is an investment program that is owned and managed by a group of individuals who do not trade in cryptocurrency or in other asset.

The company is not capable on proving or verifying this claim that displays any previous trading for Coinsz. Actually, as if they do not even exist because it looks like no one knows about them except on one website. They were not able to show any trading portfolio that shows their past trading.

As we continue with our review, we will present to you some of reasons why we considered it as scam.

First Evidence – Unknown Owner

Coinsz is using an anonymous service which makes it hard for us to identify the site owner. The developers of this app are doing this so people will not know who to pursue to in case of complaints. Keep in mind there are lots of scam websites that use this as a means of hiding their identity. For e-commerce website we suggest that you verify the business address with the site owners. This website is known to have a short expectancy, which follows the design used by other fraud and fake selling website. Please be very observant and be careful before giving them any payment details.

Second Evidence – Guarantees All Payment

According to Coinsz, their company is insured and will also insure their client’s investments. The truth they are not insured and does not show any proof that their website is protected and even their investor. This is a clear lie. You cannot find any insurance company that will insure an HYIP.If they will steal your money, it will be impossible for you to get it back.

Third Evidence – ROI of 200% – Ridiculous offers 20% profit daily for 10 days with a total of 200% Return of Investment. .This is not true, we talked to previous users and all of them lost their money with this scam. There are some that deposited a huge amount and if they try to withdraw their money their account was closed without informing them. And since they are used bitcoin, they will not be able to reclaim that money. A 200% ROI is exaggerated and quite hard to achieve. The scammers behind this app are lying to attract people to sign-up and make a deposit. Keep in mind everything that is too good to be true is a scam especially when it comes to trading.

Coinsz Review Conclusion

This in-depth Coinsz review has shown you reasons why you should not trust this scam. There are things that you should focus when you are interested in registering in a trading software. One is the credibility of website owner. Since does not mention the name of it’s owner obviously they are hiding something. Claiming that their client’s investment is insured is another important thing you should think of. And finally the too good to be true ROI, do not believe on them unless they haven proof that it is really possible and achievable. If they cannot show you one, then do not trust them at all.

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