Coince is Scam! Bitcoin Software Review

Is Coince developed by Joseph Miller a scam? To find out what this program is up to we carried out a thorough and in-depth investigation about and compiled everything we discovered and put it in all in this review. As an initial assessment we believe that Coince is scam. But, in order to help business owners to believe, we feel that we need to provide evidences to prove our accusations.

Before you invest your hard-earned money with them, you have to read our Coince review from start to finish. What is Joseph Miller Coince? This application is another HYIP or High Yield Investment Program that promises impossible high return of investment. Continue reading our Coince review and you decide if you will invest you money with them or not. Let’s start by evaluating the company.

Coince is a British-based financing firm with the primary purpose of assisting new investors to profit through their program. This so-called Bitcoin cloud mining organization is an online resource of Power Supplies and Equipment Limited functioning in the United Kingdom, whose primary shares is concentrated around the provision of facilities for cryptocurrency mining.

Coince Bitcoin software by Joseph Miller has a professional-looking website. Joseph Miller and his group have provided a good amount of information on their webpage and some video testimonial with promotional video that is recorded professionally. If you have seen their website for the first time, you would think that this app is legit Coince Bitcoin software. You will definitely and absolutely love the business template it utilized in their with some professionalism on its design. According to the video presentation on their website the minimum deposit is $10.

During our Coince review we found out there is no additional graphic element to display in such venture capital plan like this which is quite disturbing and alarming. You can only see the simple calculator in main page. This calculator functions perfectly, no window popping-up like in case of basic GC script. While conducting the review and evaluation we also discovered how easy to withdraw funds. Withdrawing process as described in Coince website is quite interesting. All you need to do is to supply the amount and your e-Wallet ID and you are done. The succeeding step is they will ask for your PIN code. Within 24 hours you’ll receive a confirmation message. After stating these things you might be thinking how come we consider it as scam when an investor can actually withdraw his earnings. This is why we encourage you to read this Coince review so you’ll understand how Coince was able to trick people to invest on them.

Although the scamming technique of Coince is not yet pretty obvious, still we manage scrutinize their system and discovered through this Coince review some doubtful activities that make us believe it’s a scam.

Coince is Scam – Three Evidences

First and foremost after conducting a thorough review we firmly suggest that you should not trust this financial company. The Coince Bitcoin is a HYIP or high-yield investment program. In Wikipedia, HYIP is defined as a type of Ponzi scheme, a financing scam that offers untenably high income by paying past stakeholders with the money invested by present depositors. The Coince is a fraud capital spending firm. From its website, you will notice that there is an apparent hint it’s a HYIP scam with its primary objective is to rob people. There are some indications that this system is nothing but a scam and we have enumerated some of it in our Coince review.

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There are some warnings concerning any firm openly advertising and promoting cloud mining. Some of the obvious indications that Coince is scam is that it lack information on how to people invest their money. The process seems to be vague about the techniques used in their investing programs. We are trying our best to expose their financing strategies but they were not successful to provide sufficient information on how their financial instruments work. Our Coince review starts on their financial plans. is less complex as compared to other HYIPs on financial industry.

First Evidence – Unknown Identity of the Developer was registered under the name of Joseph Miller. Upon checking we discovered that the site admin even the tech is under the name of Joseph Miller. There is no enough information about Joseph Miller thus we decided to carry out some research about this man. Unfortunately, we cannot find one about him. We have used all search engines and it shows up nothing. This is a clear indication that the scammer does not want to expose his or her true identity to avoid detection. Who would like to trust a system with unknown identity?

Second Evidence – Using Ponzi Scheme

The company offer referral commission structure. It is the best way to generate additional money. By persuading more people to invest on programs, you will automatically get some ref commission from every deposit your referrals have completed. For a legit financial firm, this means being all out with the profit margin. This is a common trick from the majority of the HYIP on the industry. They normally offer referral fees to those who will invest to persuade more members. The company pays affiliates a certain commission from the funds invested by some stockholders in their unilevel team based on their capital spending plans. This is how the Ponzi scheme is done. They encourage new members to maintain the pyramid scheme. They require new money to produce returns for the previous shareholders by enticing new capitalist. It is a fraud financial scam plan where they pay ROI to its investors from present capital paid to the owners by new investors, instead from profit gained through legit sources.

It is usually a scam pyramid scheme that collapses within the end since it needs exponential gains in contributors to maintain the business model. It means that the app will not continue forever. As of the moment, they continue to pay their depositors as the system is still relatively new in this industry. If there is no sufficient fund from the new recruitment to the previous investors, the whole structure will breakdown.

Third Evidence – Fake Testimonies

To make the system look legit, Joseph Miller and his team of scammers hire the best actor from to testify and confirm that their process is working well and is helping many shareholders to generate more money. Using actors to support their claims is being practiced not just by Coince but also by several other scam systems. Some may have succeed on doing this but sometime people will still discover this hoax and slowly they will not be able to get the followers that they need and closed out.

Coince Review Conclusion

Coince is scam and we have proven that through this comprehensive, complete, thorough and accurate review. The return on investment that the company claims on their official page clearly shows that it is a junk bond that will not increase in value and has an escalating rate of default. There is lots of HYIP scam and Joseph Miller’s app is no different at all. Their main objective is to steal stakeholder’s funds.

We suggest that you always set enough budgets when investing. There are lots of people who regard HYIP investments as a type of gambling and approach the investment with the same strategy. It is also recommended that you determine the amount of money you afford to lose, and make sure not to add more at risk. You should never trust all the reviews that you will see online. Most of them are exaggerated and fabricated to encourage shareholders to put money on their software.

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Make sure that you have carried out your own investigations and read our reviews about it before depositing. If you find this “Coince is Scam” review helpful, feel free to share this with others.

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