Coin Profit is Scam! ICO Review

Coin Profit, also known as CP International Business LTD, is fairly a new brand that has been around for less than two months (from the moment of this review was made). Needless to say that even though it is one of the smallest companies out there, they are already causing quite a disturbing sensation in the cryptocurrencies’ world.

CoinProfit is another ICO, this stands for Initial Coin Offering, and it works this way: you invest an amount of money with their program, and once they receive this investment they ‘’mine’’ cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and many more, for you.

Let’s find out in our Coin Profit review why we think this app is a scam:

What is Coin Profit?

Coin Profit is a new cloud mining mobile application that apparently allows you to generate free cryptocurrency. It also does more than this too. It allows you to calculate your own individual cryptocurrency balances and losses. It is available for both Mac OS or Android devices.

Moreover, it is one of the best good looking websites that are currently on the market, as it looks very well designed and professional.

This application works by providing live calculations of digital assets and compares them to real-time prices of different cryptocurrencies found online. In other words, this application will help you see and keep track on how much cryptocurrencies you have while also how much they have made you earn in terms of investments.

Coin Profit is Scam?

Would you believe every word they say? Our Coin Profit review include some evidences that will prove CoinProfit is a scam.

First Proof – Payments

If you go online and make a quick search about Coin Profit, you will be able to see that there are not real proofs of payments for the time being. In other words, we cannot guarantee you that there exists a payment that has been made by this company to any individual who has invested in them. So how are you so sure they will actually pay you whatever it is that you have gained through investments on their app or referrals? Do you know anyone who has signed up to this app and earned some money? Have they paid him or her off? It seems very unlikely that you will be able to earn money, needless to say to multiply your initial investment.

Second Proof – Company

Transparency seems to be a big issue with Coin Profit, as we are yet to find out who the owners or the developers of this app are, as the names have not yet being disclosed. So we ask you, why would you invest your money on a website that cannot even tell you who has created it? Who is behind it? Why are they so afraid of letting you – the investor – know who you are working with? This seems very strange, indeed.

Moreover, in their website they show information about CP International Business LTD, which is fake and fraudulent. They simply want you to lose your patience by showing you all these ‘’official’’ documents with big words and lots of incorporation and business’ information that do not actually say anything relevant nor they show anything about the legitimacy of the company.

Third Proof – Crypto system

Another reason why we are hesitant about Coin Profit is that on their website it says the are an automated crypto trading system. Apparently so, they then changed their minds as we are being told they are a cryptocurrency mining company. This means that they mine cryptos for profits. Whichever is the case, what is truly CoinProfit then? We are fine if it’s either a crypto trading system, a mining company or both, but if you are going to run a crypto business you must make sure you come forward and tell your clients and investors what you really are and what you are offering, and above all, be straightforward! Do not use big words in order to lose your trader’s attention!

Fourth Proof – Returns

The last reason, and why we think Coin Profit is scam, is that they tell you that if you invest in their website you could possibly earn up to 8% daily returns. And according to our experience, these amounts of return are very, very hard to achieve especially under a scheme like this.

In fact, they even offer you a referee scheme where you are able to gain more money once you start referring others to join this website. We kindly ask you not to drag anyone else here as this is a well known tactic that many scammers use in order to obtain information about third parties and to get their money away from them.

Coin Profit Review Conclusion

In our eyes Coin Profit is scam and you should definitely avoid it at all costs. And this is why we are here making these reviews for you, to warn you and to keep your money safe.

Please, do not invest on something like CoinProfit, and do not ask your family and friends to do so either by referring them to their website. The people behind Coin Profit are serious scammers that will take all your money away. You have been warned!

At the end of the day, it is up to you whether you would like to lose your money with a scheme like this or if you would like to truly invest your money on something else while multiplying your earnings. We are not saying all apps that work in a similar way to this one are fake, but you do have to be very careful, especially if you are investing your hard earned money.

We know how hard it can be to find an app that could help you to invest properly, or how hard it is to invest money online, especially if you do not know much about this fairly new cryptocurrency world. But be aware of the dangers of online investments, and do not simply sign up onto something just because someone close to you recommended you  do it. They might be lying or they might not be telling you the whole truth about such investment.

Afterall, we are here to help you!

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