Coin Garden is Scam! Bitcoins Scheme Review

You are reading our Coin Garden review, because you want to know if this is a scam or legit. Unfortunately, CoinGarden is a scam. If you have plans to invest your bitcoin online, you have to read our review first. is brand new and will be viral soon. Before you become a victim of this scam, we want to warn you stay away from this company or you will be sorry. If an investor already lost money from this fraud firm, you can share your story to us. However, since this scam business involved Bitcoin, one will not be able to get your investment back. To know how this company works read this Coin Garden review from start to finish. is a high yield investment program that promises a return of investment of between 0.15% to 1% hourly forever. The firm is dealing only in BTC, which means that you need to use bitcoin to fund your account and withdraw your earnings. They claim to pay you this hourly profit each hour for the rest of your life once you invest in any of the program. This case is not technically possible. In every investment program, there is a beginning and end. You cannot earn forever, it is the reason a legitimate program will have an expiration date.

This review will discuss how the system works and all the lies hidden on their website. The company pretends to continue to pay on time forever. This fact is impossible, but if you don’t believe us then it‘s up to you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. According to the developer of this scam, the team is composed of professional Bitcoin traders that been working for many years in trading bitcoin. They have been very successful that they decided to make some earnings as well.

Once you deposit your bitcoin, the company will trade using your BTC and give you a part of the profit. It’s a lie. The group of traders does not exist. You might be asking how we know. A legit BTC site will have lots of proof to display their gains and losses trading bitcoin. You can clearly see it with their reports. In the case of they did not show any proof that they have a team of experts that actually trade for them.

Coin Garden is Scam – Three Evidence

What does CoinGarden really up to? It is a Ponzi scheme. Just like other HYIP in the past, they pay some of their members using the money deposited by their new members. It’s how Ponzi scheme works. They do not trade BTC. The company is lying about with their trading. The scheme is categorized as fraud because they cannot deliver their promises. If new members stop joining, nobody gets paid and they will close the site.

As you continue reading our Coin Garden review, investor will see the proofs and evidences why we considered it as scam.

First Evidence – Fake Address and Unknown Owner

The person responsible for is not known. They claim to be in Belfast but upon checking the address, we found that it was an apartment building. There are more proof that it is a fake business that operates somewhere outside Europe with an interest in keeping themselves hidden.

Never trust any high yield investment program that refuses to divulge who the owner is. If the company are honest to you and if they are legit they will not hide their real identity. In fact, they would be happy to have his name in the open. If one really wants to invest in this kind of business, you can do so at your own risk.

Second Evidence – No Proof of Trading or Profit

Another lie is their claim that the firm is connected with Horticultural Trading Foundation. The problem is that Horticultural Trading Foundation does not exist at all. If someone checks it online trader will not be able to find any information about it. It only means that Coin Garden is a scam and has invented the fake trading foundation to trick people and make it look legit.

This is far from the truth. Do not believe this nonsense. The fact is enough proof that it is not telling the truth and a complete scam. The developer of this HYIP scam had developed a completely fake and fraud back story to explain his scheme. The owner wants you to trust him so one will give him your cash. If an investor insists and trust the website, investor will end up the loser.

Third Evidence – Pyramid Scheme

This is a brand new site, so we are not expecting that it will have user reviews. But we have several friends who were already paid. Of course they are paying at the moment, to gain trust from the people and to convince many that they are legit and investor will earn. They will convince the earning members to invest more. But after several months they will stop paying, especially if the firm is getting less members to join. During this time, the owner will be collecting money for himself. The fact that they are only accepting bitcoin to fund an account online, one will have no protection against these scammers when the program falls.

Coin Garden Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that Coin Garden is scam. Just like other HYIP website, on one will not earn from this but rather you will lose all your investment. If one really want to join this company, you can do so but once you get paid (if you will get paid) never invest on it again or you will be sorry.

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