Cognitrade is Scam! Trading Software Review

This comprehensive review will prove that this scheme is 100% fake. Cognitrade is scam and we can prove it to you. This fraud app is allegedly developed by Cameron Doyle. The software is getting too much attention these days because of their marketing team. uses vicious sales tactics to convince as many people as they can. The scammers behind this scam are offering you fake claims, thinking that you will sign up right away without any doubts. The algorithm they allegedly use here can never be used in binary options trading. This alone can make Cameron Doyle’s statement unreliable. This fact remains hidden up to the present.

Our research has shown the bad nature of this fraud app, but they continue to insist that they are legit. Thus, we are prompted to create this Cognitrade review to keep the traders protected against this scam. The app claims to provide a minimum daily profit amounting to $1500. Also, the FAQ section claims different amount by saying that their system can produce up to $16000 in a day. These statements make a fraud.

So what makes this scheme a scam? Well, this Cognitrade review has found out some alarming things concerning this highly advertised product.

Cognitrade is Scam – Three Evidences

The main point of this in-depth Cognitrade review is to prove that and the mentioned technology are not possible to be used together. Also, this kind of prediction as mentioned in promo video is not possible to achieve. There is no actual way to determine what the market will do three months from now and no system can make it right. These things make us suspect that this application is a scam.

Their promo video at is quite compelling. It addresses the investors in a very controversial way. According to Cameron Doyle the algorithm of this app is based on the cutting-edge technology referred to as Cognitive Computer Systems. This system is used by big companies such as IBM to have an easy access to bigger group of data. Although the technology is real, this is not suitable in binary options trading because it’s not at all associated with the financial industry.

This Cognitrade review has done further evaluation and discovered this app has a very intriguing presentation. For instance, they claim that this system can predict the market several months in advance. You cannot find any  technology that can do this. It is definitely stupid to trust this kind of information since several months are a long period to predict. Things may change as time goes by and this would make this application useless in the coming days.

First Evidence – Fraud CEO Cameron Doyle

We want to make sure that we are dealing with legit software thus we searched for the real identity of the supposed to be developer of Cognitrade app. Cameron Doyle does not showed up in search engines like Google and Bing. This makes us even more suspicious that this software is a scam. The claim of having a 95% winning rate is also not viable. You will not be able to find any information online that will support their claim. But they continue to insist that they have paid out checks amounting to $136,650,100. This sort of lies is very easy to debunk.

The entire promo video is made of fluff. To make it look legit and encouraging, the scammers make use of big terminologies in the commentary. If the people behind this platform mean that they are the only one that owns a state-of-the-art trading robot with an impressive win rate, it would be easy for them to become popular.

If the software is legit then there should be someone in charge. At this stage, we still don’t have any idea who is behind Cognitrade scam. And we don’t know anything about the man who introduced himself as Cameron Doyle in the video. If you also don’t have any idea who is he, then there is something wrong about it. You should stay away from Cognitrade.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

After exposign several lies about the Cognitrade program, we become suspicious about the testimonials on that websites. People are checking out reviews before they could trust a website. It is one of the important parts of every website. People need to sign up and use the system for free before they could provide their feedback.

Sad to say Cognitrade has fake testimonials. The people you see in video providing their feedback are all actors. They were paid to convince people Cognitrade really works, and that it has higher win rate.  This is the cheapest way of gaining reputation. If your program is legit then you don’t have to pay others to promote it. They are doing this to scam people.

Third Evidence – Risk Free

There is no such thing as risk free financial trading. If someone tells you this, then they are lying and scammers. It is not possible since trading is a losing and winning transaction. You can generate money in trading, but you will likewise lose sometimes. Losing is a natural thing in trading, particularly if you were not able to predict the price movement accurately. That is how it works. Cognitrade claims that you can generate profit risk free, but upon checking in their disclaimer, it’s the opposite of what they claim.

Cognitrade Review Conclusion

This thorough review proves that Cognitrade is scam and you should stay away from it. Before you make further action make sure that you have read this complete review from start to finish. If you want to take the risk, be prepared to lose your investment. Most of the legit schemes offer a demo account where you can test the system with a regulated broker.

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