Charity Scams

There are online scams that involve your personal lives and some are done just to steal money from you. It is important that you know these things so can protect yourself from getting victimized by these scams.

Understanding Charity Scams

To make their claims appear legit, cyber crooks mimic, imitate, clone or impersonate legitimate charities and foundations and ask for donations. Sometimes scammers will contact you pretending to be a representative from a certain charities asking your help to collect money for relief projects after natural disasters. Here’s how the scam works:

  • There are some people who are very compassionate and generous for others in need. Cyber criminals will steal and literally empty your bank account and pose a genuine charity.
  • Fake charities occur all year round and usually imitate the form of a response to deal with emergencies or disasters. The one responsible for fake charities will not just cost you money; they also take away the much needed donations like floods, earthquakes, bushfires and cyclones.
  • Cyber criminals will pose as either agent of legit and trusted charities that carry out medical research or support ailment sufferers as well as their families. The may affect your emotions again by helping the children who are sick.

Fake charities work in various ways. You might bump into the street or in front of your door then they will ask for collecting money. They also create, build and develop fake websites which look similar to those operated by authentic charities. Some cyber criminals will email or call you asking for a donation

Have you been Scammed?

Scammers are getting better these days and they are increasing in number, if you are one of their victims or received a scam email you can report them to us at You should inform your family, friends and colleagues to keep them safe. Read our blog SubmitScams and know the latest scams that people report to us and keep yourself protected against them.

If in case you have provided these scammers your passport, bank account details, or other personal information call your bank, financial institution or other agencies right away to inform them.

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Please help us to warn people about internet frauds by reporting them: Submit Scam.


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