CFD Society is Scam! Trading Software Review

This comprehensive CFD Society review will prove that this company is a scam and people should avoid them. The business offers you to work from home and generate an extra income amounting to $60,000 a year as you work 20 mins. a day or less. This may sound too good to be true so we decided to dig dipper on this scam. This software offers you additional earnings up to $60,000 a year by only working 20 minutes a day or sometimes less. The earnings is very impressive but is this company really paying.

Because of this we have decided to make our own investigation. This CFD Society review is written to help those who are interested on signing up.

CFDSociety is a popular type of derivative trading. This allows you to predict on the falling or rising prices of fast-moving global financial markets like commodities, treasuries, shares, indices and currencies. In financial industry, CFD is an agreement between two groups, generally referred to as buyer and seller, indicating that the seller will have to pay the purchaser the difference between the present value of an asset and its value at contract time. If in case the difference is negative, then the buyer needs to pay the seller.

In short the software let traders to take advantage of prices moving down or up on underlying financial instruments and are most of the time used to predict on those markets. For instance, when used to equities, the contract is an equity derivative that enables traders to predict on share price movements, without the need of owning the underlying shares. This type of trading is not allowed in some countries like in the United States, where the rules concerning over the counter products cannot be traded by retail investors on an ordinary exchange and there are no trading in the US that offer CFDs.

CFD Society is Scam – Three Evidences

The major concern with this company is that they will ask you to make a deposit at the broker before you can try the software and test whether it’s worth anything. After signing up on you are directed to the webpage where one will deposit the minimum amount $250. They will assign a broker to you and since this is scam software we believe they are working together with unregulated group. This is one of the reasons why we think this software is a scam. As you continue reading this review you will discover more evidences that will prove CFD Society is scam.

This high powered system has an accurate algorithm that show which assets have the better possibility of winning. But you have the option to decide whether to run with the trade or not. It is applied on rigorous technical analysis and has specially designed to evaluate the markets all over assets classes. But this system is lying, if you want to know more about the app continue reading our CFD Society review and one will understand why we think is scam.

First Evidence – Who is Chris Chase?

The first thing a trader would check if they are interested on a particular program is the credibility of the owner or developer.  The system alleged owner is Chris Chase.  If you visit you will see their video presentation being narrated by Chris Chase. You will not see the actual person in the video only his picture was shown in the This guy is a fictitious character created by the scammers behind CFD Society app. The image above proves that this man is fake, his photo was taken from stock photo.  They likewise claim that Chris Chase has been featured on Forbes, Bloomberg or Fortune but upon checking we found out that none of them are real.

Second Evidence – Fake Trading Results presents trading results however we found that the results are fake. The dates of trading shown on the above image was from 2016. Also, in their video presentation they claim that CFD Society has earned over $20 million for the 200 members for the past 3 years. Upon checking to we found out that their domain was registered only on January 18, 2017. It clearly shows that the trades are fake.

Third Evidence – Fake Earnings

It is impossible for a fake credentials to join the finance industry because the trading requires real money and real account to transfer their earnings, thus you cannot use aliases. Check the man named Thomas Salier from New Zealand, he traded with $250 as his starting balance, which help him earned $1,110,980. Verified is stamped on his image but we do not trust this because it is impossible for a one month old application to earn a million. It is ridiculous and ludicrous.

Also, we check the identity of this person and we found his image but it bears a different name. Definitely, this is a clear sign that CFD Society is scam. We also tried to verify other names mentioned like Raymond Kiser with starting investment of $750 and again the photo was taken somewhere online and is not the real Raymond Kiser. The real owner of this photo is Jean Edouard Gresy. Therefore, this is another proof that this program is a scam.

CFD Society Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that this software is nothing but a scam. The evidences we presented are enough proof that CFD Society is scam and people should not trust them at all. The fake owner reviews and trading results are only some of the lies there are lots of it that you will discover if you explore the website.

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