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With this in-depth review we will prove that is scam. We have heard a lot about this scam and we would like to protect traders from falling into their trap. After completing our investigation and review we discovered the many lies this app has been claiming. And those complaining about this system insist that it should it be added on the scam list because the site has stopped paying or probably a scam from the start.

We feel obligated to write this review to protect the traders and inform the public about this scam. Before we go any further with our review let us discuss first what is and how it works. These days the internet is full of scam websites. You need to carry out a thorough research before signing up. Some HYIP or High Yield Investment Program are paying at first but will eventually stop paying when there are no new members investing in its site that will result to shutting down.

Stay away from, it is a scam and you should not invest on it. There is no assurance that your money will profit. You could end up like those thousands of victims who have been fooled and scammed. The majority of HYIP are scam. is similar to Ponzi scheme. It is a British company, located in London and was established in March 2013 and grew fast.

The truth is no one knows when Capitaller was established. There are no Legal Documents that you can find online. This is a fully automated highly profitable system enables you to multiply your investment with just one click. Sound impressive but continue reading this review to find out if this is really capable of doing such. Without the need of registering, you just need to make a direct deposit and get paid every day thru automated payments directly to your wallet you invested through. With HYIP, you can make as many deposits as you would like. Every new deposit will be dealt individually. is Scam – Three Evidences vision is to provide high level investment services that endorses reliable and continues growth. The system focused on projects that include Stock Bonds, Forex, Gold, Hedge Fund and other related businesses in Asia, North America, Far East and Middle East. With a complete business standard and a group of experienced leadership make up the center of a foundation which has enabled us to succeed and keep strong in the face of global financial problems.

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A HYIP or High Yield Investment Program can be a risky adventure if you are not careful. So, its best that you do your research and learn about HYIP before you find a legit one if you are decided on investing into it. HYIP like claims they can bring investors high rate of return on their initial investment. This can be from 1% to 2% daily or as high as 100 to 200%. This is absurd, and you may think that it’s impossible. However High Yield Investment Program owners depend on the laziness of others, and there are lots of them out there who will go for this.

First Evidence – No Proof that HYIP can Generate Profit

There is no proof that HYIP can make you rich. To fully understand how this system works let us explain this to you how it works. Let’s assume 10 people decided to invest $100 each. now has $1000 which they can invest on High Yield projects. As the site matures and attracts many investors those who invested first will get paid since the company has enough funds to pay them. A scam site like Capitaller will stop paying their members when they were not able to attract more people to invest. While the legit HYIP site, they will invest your money into projects they know will earn and thus you will earn as well. Capitaller members have started complaining they are not getting paid and show indications that it might be closing soon. So if you don’t want get victimized by this scheme make sure that you read this in-depth review from start to finish.

Second Evidence – Established in 2013 – A Big Lie

According to the website they have been in the industry for 5 years. As we continue with our research and review we have found out that its lie. At first we really thought that this has been operating for many years now but upon checking in we found out that the developer is lying. We found out that was registered only 2016-07-08. So why are they claiming that they have been in the market for 5 year? Merely it is done just to attract people and make them look like a established company. Good thing we have discovered it earlier, and keep other people protected.

Third Evidence – Anonymous Owner

Who would trust a company with anonymous owner? A company that divulges their owner is what most people refer to as legit and trusted. didn’t mention the name of its developer. Not even a clue as to who is their CEO or the team responsible. Maybe they are hiding their real identity so people will not know them in case they were not able to pay the members. Never trust a website without anonymous owner or you will regret it. Review Conclusion

This thorough review proves that this HYIP is another scam. The evidences mentioned above prove that people should not trust this website. The fact that they are lying about their years of existence is definitely clear that they do this to trick people and steal their money. There is only a number of HYIP that are legit and trusted and is not one of them.

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  1. HUGE SCAM…. CAPITALLER ARE THIEVES. Their forum is fabricated 100%. Don’t fall victim!! They pay out some of the smaller daily payouts that pay a few dollars a day just so they will get good reviews from them. But once you invest in their compounding plans, you’ll never hear from them or get your money back.


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