Bullish University is Scam! Warning Review

This Bullish University software developed by Ben Newman is an auto trading system with the purpose of helping new traders to earn more money through trading. It aims to provide information and educates new traders about binary options. They believe that it is impossible for someone who is new in auto trading to learn things on their own. However, you should be very careful and cautious whom to trust and where to invest.

Make sure you will not get trap in this new system which we believe is also one of those scam systems. It is crucial you read this complete, thorough, non-biased and comprehensive Bullish University review, so you will not get lured, victimized, mislead and deceive by this software.

The University owned by Ben Newman was launched and introduced in the auto trading industry only this July 2016. There is some information and details that we found in their bullishuniversity.com website and we think these are signs that Bullish University is scam. The reason why we are asserting, confirming, declaring, claiming  that Ben Newman is a scam might surprise you, but we feel you should know the truth and we have to show you everything we know good or bad about this software. It is not just this binary options scheme that is a complete and absolute fraud, the man behind the bullishuniversity.com website

Ben Newman is a proven scammer and steals credentials and information from other successful binary options systems. In this Bullish University review, we plan to expose, reveal, uncover, bare and bring to light everything we know about the software and its developer and supposed owner, and also what you will be losing if you sign up and invest in this scam software.

If you are having doubts whether to sign up and be part of Ben Newman’s webinars, you have to read this complete, thorough, reliable, legit, comprehensive and trusted review. This legit and trusted review will help you in deciding and will keep you on the safe side of the auto trading industry without being victimized, scammed and fooled by criminals. We make this review to keep new traders safe and protected against the scammers. These swindler, cheater, and robbers have only one thing in mind, to lure and persuade new traders to join their scheme and drain their bank accounts.

Bullish University is Scam – Three Evidences

The Bullish University software looks like a reliable and trusted scheme but it is not. It has all the pre-requisites that can encourage, lure, and attract new traders to follow the method of education and help them join the community trading and access to live webinars. The pricing for the education is the first problem you need to deal with. You have to wait for at least 24 hours before you can get the price structure.

Official Website | Bullishuniversity.com

Also, as soon as you enter the pricing site, you will be redirected to another pop-up, which will ask you for your personal details and data including geo-location and a phone number and also your email address. There is absolutely, totally, definitely and completely no transparency, clarity, firmness, and lucidity in obtaining, getting and acquiring any information concerning what a trader will engage into.

First Evidence – Ben Newman a Popular Scammer who Supports Unregistered Brokers

Ben Newman the man behind the Bullish University software was a popular guy in the binary options market as an auto trader and a developer of various semi and fully automated trading tools such as the OptionBot, XE Trader, OptionBot 2 and TrendXpert, and some of you are familiar with the systems. We will reveal to you the lies behind the Bullish University software as well as in their bullishuniversity.com website. The mentioned softwares are all scams with hoax, dishonest, fraud, fake and deceit scheme, the absolute opposite, those system were shockingly successful app and we are certain, positive, confident and definite that experienced traders who have been trading in the past knows what we are referring to.

The Bullish University became popular to new traders easily and because the owner promised them to have accessed on free webinars, free strategies and free training that will help them with their binary options trading.   However, this is not the case that users are experiencing with the system as soon as they sign up. Ben Newman has a list of his own brokers at bullishuniversity.com but they are unregistered, unreliable and are working without a license. It is important, essential, vital and crucial that you know this, so you will not get fooled, trick, deceit, victimized by his cruel, nasty, vicious technique. Sad to say, he promotes, endorses, and supports the brokers who pay him the biggest commissions not by their reliability or if they are fast in withdrawing. Because of this a new trader who sign up and register to his money making scheme will be working with an unreliable, lousy, good for nothing broker, and since the trader is a novice he had no idea how to deal with the situation and what to do when he is not getting money that he thought he would earn with the help of the broker.

Second Evidence – Testimonials are Fake

In the bottom part of the Bullish University scam website (bullishuniversity.com), you will notice testimonials from the users through comments. These testimonials will make the system looks reliable, trusted and legit and sends good vibes to the visitor and send message that they provide what they claim. However, if you take a closer look and observe and read on their testimonies, you will notice that the dates on those comments are from 2015. Keep in mind that Bullish University software was launched only this July 2016. This only proves, verifies, attests, that the testimonials from the supposed users or members are definitely and absolutely fake, which is an obvious indication, warning, signal and sign that his marketing team is responsible for this bullishuniversity.com is doing everything to lure, attract and encourage new victims that they have to fabricate fake testimonials to promote the system. Definitely, with this kind of act Bullish University is scam.

How can we recommend this app if such discrepancy occurs in their website, there is no doubt Ben Newman fails to deliver what they claim. Only few systems that don’t mislead you with fraud trading reviews and results are available. You should avoid Ben Newman Bullish University software and other fraudulent program associated with this man to prevent great losses on your account.

Third Evidence – A Fiverr.com Actor Welcomes You in their Video

Another solid proof that Bullish University is scam is the man who welcomes you in their bullishuniversity.com after you decide to proceed to the next page. The man states that he is happy that you have decided to join the team of traders. Actually, the man looks familiar. You are right, he is a popular actor from fiverr.com and you probably have seen him in several binary options trading scam video. He was hired several times to play the role of various characters where he promises to make you rich. What he says in front of the camera is fabricated and absolutely, without any doubt all lies. He was hired to deceit, trick, cheat and make fake promises to people for their own benefit.

Using an actor to play a vital role in the promotional video is common to most scam scheme. It is not a legal act since trusted and legit software does not have to hire an actor. A trusted scheme has real owner, with reliable and licensed brokers and real users and members. So, why do they have to hire someone to play these roles? Having this in mind you too can detect which is real and which are not.

Bullish University Review Conclusion

Definitely this Bullish University Review proves that this auto trading software by Ben Newman as well as its bullishuniversity.com website are fake and scam. They only have one thing in mind, to steal money from the traders and to get rich. Everything about the system is fake, fraud and deceitful. Detecting a fake scheme is easy. The first thing you need to check if you’re interested in joining a trading app look at the developer first. As you can see in this review, we presented to you first the developer, and then proceed with what you can see in their bullishuniversity.com website.

The supposed to be owner and developer has been associated to several scam auto trading scheme and Bullish University is one of them. The testimonials are all from 2015, while the system was launched only this July 2016. A clear sign of scam scheme that people should stay away, if you want to earn more from auto trading make sure that you are aware of these sign before you go deeper into the system and putting all your money and effort on it.

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We don’t believe those promises, claims and their well-produced YouTube videos that proudly ended with successful trades without any evidence. The public known this already and traders who sign up in the system and invested into this unreliable scheme have lost their deposits in just a matter of days, and in return you get nothing but headache.

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