BTCOnline is Scam! Crypto Mining Review

What is BTCOnline? Over the last couple of years, many softwares and apps will be mentioned by those who would like to try online trading as a side job, in order to earn a couple of extra dollars by not doing much. And to be fair, who wouldn’t like to live this life, where you make money from the comfort of your own house while you are still wearing your pjs?

However, you must ask yourself these questions before giving your money away: how many of these softwares and apps are truly doing what they say they do? How many of them will actually make you rich as they claim? Especially in such a short period of time. Are those sites to be trusted? How much money are you willing to invest in order to see whether the application or software is actually working and making you money?

Here we talk about BTC Online and whether you should sign up and make money or sign up and lose money. Continue reading our BTCOnline review to find out!

What is BTCOnline?

BTCOnline is one of the latest websites to claim its leadership in the Bitcoin Mining Pool extravaganza. Let’s explain this first though, so we are all on the same page.

A Bitcoin Mining Pool is a way in which Bitcoin miners pool up their resources together while sharing their power and splitting the reward equally at the end of the transaction. This will be done in accordance to the mount of shares each miner has bought or contributed to solve a block within the transaction. So, in a way it’s like a linear economy where your output will be in accordance to your input.

Usually, the mining power of the companies is backed up by physical miners, which are basically individuals that find mathematical algorithms in the market and work their magic ways to invest. Please notice that this is the key point here. Physical miners, in other words, real people, are the ones behind the success of a mining power…this is very different to having a software that randomly does this work, how do you know if it’s going to be successful? It’s a robot!

What BTCOnline does is this: they offer their investors several mining pools and they make them very simple to navigate in. What’s more, they are offering you help in case you do not know how this system works. Furthermore, on their website BTC Online claims that you will not need to buy nor download any expensive software that could potentially help you in your mining.

You are then left hanging by a thread…because BTCOnline will actually do all your work for you, but what if you are seeing it’s not working or what if you would like to do some work and invest as well? Then you are not able to do so, as BTC Online will use its own algorithms to invest for you.

So what you basically need to do is choose the mining service you are most comfortable with, and voila! You are then ready to make money.

BTCOnline is Scam?

Would you believe every word they say? Here are some evidences that will prove BTCOnline is scam.

First Proof – Reviews

Apparently, BTCOnline is a fairly new company (started online in 2017), and they do not count with the necessary amount of stocks (nor money) to become a feasible investment, or to guarantee those who invest on their website their money back. A lot of reviews have stated that once they made an investment the company simply wrote back to them saying ‘’please wait x amount of hours to get some of your money back’’ and in reality it was a case of not having stocks to pay them with.

Second Proof – Withdrawals

One of the things that really caught our attention is that unless you pay them and upgrade your account, then you will not be able to make any withdrawals of your money. Moreover, some users have complained that they first need to send a referral notice to a couple of people before they could actually get their money back. If this is the case, then at least 10 people must sign up to their website (and become your referees) for you to then being able to get your money back.

Third Proof – Customer support

If you make a quick online search about BTCOnline you are able to read my reviews of frustrated users who cannot even log in onto their accounts. They can’t even contact Customer Support as the email address the website has provided is not working properly.

For us, this is a very serious issue, and it is one that makes you think about the honesty of this website. If you are not able to communicate with anyone from BTCOnline when you have a problem, how do you know you will be able to communicate with anyone from there once you would like to take your share of the money?

Fourth Proof – Website

Everything seems like it comes from a ‘’ghost’’ website. In other words, their website does not thoroughly explain what they do or what services they offer. In fact, their website seems to be very disorganized and not attended. Would you like to invest on something like this? They are telling you from the very beginning that they are not an organized company, by the looks of it.

BTCOnline Review Conclusion

On paper, BTCOnline sounds like a possible good idea that could actually work and get you the money you deserved right in your pocket. However, our intuition is strong on this one, and we strongly want to discourage and tell you, please, do not invest on this website.

Even if you know someone who has made money out of it, then we ask you, how many people did this person need to refer in order to gain something back? Are you willing to do the same to simply get $30, $40 each day?

There are other ways to make money online, ways that are legit and who are not a scam thus you are guaranteed not to lose any money. We are not saying you will become rich from one day to another, but you could at least give it a try!

To us, seems BTCOnline is scam, it is up to you if you would like to trust them!

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