BTC River is Scam! Critical Review

This comprehensive BTC River review will open your eyes to reality that finding legit software that will help you make money online is not easy. At first glance at their website, you might think you have found the right system. Don’t get too excited, there are things that you should know about this app before you act further.

We suggest that you read our comprehensive review first before you make a decision. This unbiased review will show the readers how this program works and their claims. On the later part, we will present to you the evidences that will prove this system is a scam. With the present condition of our economy people are searching for the easiest and fastest way to earn money. The scammers are aware of this and are taking advantage of the situation.

To start with our review, BTC River is a group of businessman from Hong Kong. As mentioned in their website they make money from selling, mining and buying of Bitcoins. They are always in search for more clients. You might be wondering how this program can possibly pay all their members. Any profit the company earns thru trading of Bitcoins will be equally divided to all the clients. After further investigation we have found out that there is no trading taking place. According to them the earnings on a daily basis depends on the strategies of each client’s account. There has been an increase of Bitcoins with regards to their value and popularity. If you are not aware of this, then you have been missing out on an amazing chance to profit.

There are increasing numbers of companies who are starting to accept bitcoins and more people are getting interested in this new currency. The minimum investment to deposit from external wallet is 0.00001 and 0.0001 from account balance. BTC River claims that one can earn 150% after 5 days. If one chooses to re-invest his profits his ROI could be higher than this ratio. They also claim that you can withdraw instantly via automatic robot. The company also offers affiliate program, and for each investment, your referral will earn 5% as their commission.

BTC River is Scam – Three Evidences

This is the part of our BTC River review where we reveal the evidences that will prove this system is a scam and people should stay away from this. The main objective of this application is to provide every member the chance to profit from investing at less risk. However, there is no proof that they really can provide the profit stated in their website.

Their claims include using safe investment pools, and maintain consistent high interest rates for members. The insurance and flexibility in investing funds is their biggest advantage compared to other companies.

First Evidence – Unknown Developer

If you are interested in signing up in one of the trading software, the first thing you need to check out is the credibility of the developer. However, in this software determining the credibility of the owner is not easy since they are unknown. If you noticed we haven’t mentioned any name in our BTC River review as to who developed this application. We have searched for them in the web and even asked by contacting their support but they were not able to provide us the answer. One thing is for sure, these scammers are hiding their real identity so no one would bother to pursue them in case problem occurs. Definitely, this is a clear indication that this program is a scam. We also checked the about us page, there is nothing that pertains to the developer.

Second Evidence – Not Viable Profit

Your supposed profit is very clear, 30% each day for 5 days, very impressive. So, it means that if one invests $100 on it, you will have a daily earning of $30 so for 5 days your investment will be tripled. How can a company that depends on Bitcoins trading can possibly cope up with this. Do you think that trading Bitcoins can actually generate such profit? Definitely not, all the loses or profits, is determined by your investment and the management strategy you are using. When it comes to withdrawal, they claim that you withdraw it right away but in reality it’s not possible. The withdrawal procedure normally takes 2 to 3 working days and sometimes more. There are instances where brokers delay it intentionally not because they have problems but because they are waiting for new members to sign up and make a deposit.

Third Evidence – No Endorsements

Granted that they are just a few days old, if they really providing results then there should be some endorsements in the net if one search for it. But with BTC all we get are negative reviews. Actually, in their website you can see some blogs that involve Bitcoins and it does not look good. Withdrawal problems mentioned above is a big factor in determining whether you are dealing with legit software or not. In this case, it looks like we are seeing another scam robot.

BTC River Review Conclusion

With the above evidences it is safe to say that BTC River is scam and people should not trust them. One clear indication that it is a scam is that it does not mention anything about its developer. The reliability of such application usually depends on how credible the developer is. It is not easy to entrust your money to a stranger.

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