BTC King Biz is Scam! Real Review

This honest and comprehensive review will prove that BTC King Biz is scam just like any other HYIP. Although this is new in the market, we have heard a lot of complaints and issues that involves this program. This has led us to write this review. The complaints from people who have signed up and tried the program makes us suspect that this is a scam.

According to them they were never got paid at all. So we decided to carry out our own investigation and all of our findings are included in this BTC King Biz review. Before we go any further let us first discuss what it is and how it works according to its developer. Why it is getting famous these days? After checking the we discovered some suspicious claims and they are mentioned in this review. So we recommend that you read this thorough and in-depth review before you decide.

If you visit their website you will see the part where they introduce the company. Focus very carefully on this part and you will find out later why it is an obvious indication that High Yield Investment Program is a scam. According to the website the business was launched in 2013 as BTC King Biz Investment Limited. Then after a year, they increased their assets, they have decided to expand its activity and join the online investment industry. In 2014, the developers decided to make it as an open-ended firm to enable the public to join in the Fund’s development who completed their registration in 2015. Again focus on those years mentioned.

BTC King Biz is Scam – Three Evidences

As we continue with our BTC King Biz review we found out that there are some ridiculous claims embodied in this company and we will show it to you. Some of the areas that we need to tackle and investigate are the most important topics. We will go over these important facts to help you decide.

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According to them the primary reason for such decision was the belief that huge investment amounts can be integrated by the professional team which has built a very effective investment strategy. main objective is to assure continuous income to its investors and keep them at a reasonable level through HYIP and money management tactics. Their primary activity is Bitcoin trading and mining. Their group of traders have created and utilizing a highly effective trading technique and special application that supports the decision-making method. The technique, which applies the arbitrage principles and manipulates ineffective and unbalanced market costs, has shown stable positive outcome for more than a year. Some of the risks involve are monitored continuously and kept at low levels.

So, far looks legit, but wait until you read the second part of our BTC King Biz review.

First Evidence – How Reliable is?

Based on the information provided by its website, the company exists since 2013, and its online transactions started out in 2014. Of course before we could write a review about this company, we need to check it in the search engine. We become suspicious when we cannot find anything about them. Also, the when we check the website it does not contain the address, registration numbers or names. The question is, to whom we will transfer the money and how we can pursue them if we encountered problems. Aside from these we also found out through that the company is lying when they said they have been existing since 2013. One important thing that you need to keep in mind, most HYIP does not survive longer. Its either they would claim for bankruptcy or simply closes without your knowledge. Upon checking the is registered on 13 of September 2016 which is just a few months old. This debunks the entire story and surely affects their reputation.

Second Evidence – Questionable Method of Earning

Another important details that we need to discuss is their process of generating money. On their page it was mentioned that their main source of income comes from the bitcoin trading and mining. This is quite interesting but suspicious and we will enlighten you on this matter. If you want to generate money through mining then you need equipment, farms, mining rigs, facilities and others.

In order to mine Bitcoin effectively you need a big amount to build those farms and then add thousands of dollars every month to upgrade your technology. And because the mining becomes difficult every minute you need to upgrade continuously. In short it is not that easy. And since was not able to provide any proof to support their claim we assume that they are lying. As we continue with the BTC trading, they claim that a team of professional traders are responsible for the business and they handles the money invested with minimum risk. That is acceptable, but how can people trust the business if they were not able to mention the name of the traders and show their images. was not able to show any results, track records or anything that can prove their claim. It only shows that their story is fabricated.

Third Evidence – Unrealistic Returns

During our investigation and review we found out that offers unrealistic return of investment. They claim that the starting returns are from 200% up to 1000% after 3 days. Absolutely a lie and not viable. Think of it, you will invest $1000 and after 3 days you can withdraw $10,000, that is ridiculous. Even the most reliable and trusted HYIP cannot provide such returns. Everything above 10% per month is not at all achievable and if you believe them prepare for the worst. Again and again, never trust a company that provides too good to be true earnings, you will only lose your money.

BTC King Biz Review Conclusion

Now to answer the question, is it a scam or legit, the definitely it is a scam. The indications of being a scam program is clear and obvious. In the first place, they operating using HYIP and you should never trust a site that offers this process of generating money. For sure you will lose all your money.

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