Bruxis Review – Invest At Your Own Risk is an online platform where people can earn through their investments. It is an international company that has been operating since 2013. They promise to provide high ROI to their members. People have been questioning the reliability of the company, and we are not wondering why. We have noticed that something is not right with the way they operate, and there are some hints that it is a scam.

We have written this review to warn people to think twice before investing in Bruxis. It may look like a legit company, but something on it makes us suspicious.

If you consider investing some money in this app, read this Bruxis review first before you decide.

What is Bruxis?

Bruxis claims to be a leader in investments and the exchange of funds. They promise to provide unlimited earnings to their investors, but the question is how long. We all know that High Yield Investment Program usually does not last long. It involves high financial risks. Definitely, you can earn on trading if the correct investment is made. However, a wrong move can surely destroy your current financial situation.

They advertised their company as a platform where first-time investors can do trading. You can be part of the biggest investments through them, exchange your funds for other currencies or get profits through manual and auto trading.

Bruxis offers good opportunities for people to earn big, but can they provide all these great things they promised to give?

How does it work?

Registering with Bruxis is easy. Provide the information required on the form and complete the process. Once you are done signing up, you can now login into your account using your email and assigned password. You will be then asked to enter a captcha code and confirm the Terms and Conditions before clicking the Registration to end the process. But make sure you have read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly before completing the process.

Depositing the required amount is the next step. The acceptable payment processors include Perfect Money, Litecoin, Tether, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. The minimum deposit required is $10.

The way Bruxis work is easy and can be handled even by a small kid. But it is not the way it will be. After you deposit your money, your chance of having it back or earning from it is not possible.

Why Bruxis is a scam?

Bruxis may have received good reviews from some people, but not all agree with them. We also think it is a scam and will not stay long in the market. We are not sure if those who provided positive words to the company have earned using the app or are paid to do so.

Below are the reasons why we think Bruxis is a scam.

HYIP scheme

It is known to many, HYIP scheme will not last long. So, regardless of how good the review is for Bruxis, it will not take long for the company to close out. Once the recruitment slows down, and no funds are adding, the company will file for bankruptcy. Sometimes, they vanish without any notice taking all the member’s money.

Too good to be true profit

Who would not get attracted to these earnings? People are investing their money to earn.  The thing is, even the most reliable investment company could not provide such profits. 2.6% per day earnings is questionable, 3% is impossible, and the 5% is beyond imaginable.

Bruxis Review

No company could provide such payments, but Bruxis dare to offer their members such profits to attract more people to invest.

Unknown developers

Would you trust any company with an anonymous developer? Whom to complain to if something went wrong. We have checked Namecheap to determine who the personalities behind this app are, but the account is anonymous.

Even on their website, the developer’s name was never mentioned. It seems like they are hiding their identity, so no one will know who they are.


So we conclude that is a scam. It may be legit to others, but any company using the HYIP scheme will not last long and will soon close. The company may be paying today, but it will stop paying when the recruitment is slow after some time. So if you deal with this company, the possibility of losing your money is high.

If you have experienced using the software, you can comment below.

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Is anybody allowed to become an investor in Bruxis?

Only if you are 18 years old and above.

Can I create multiple accounts?

Creating multiple accounts is not allowed by Bruxis, and it is best to create one account only. But, we suggest that you should not create an account in the company.

How to become a company investor in Bruxis?

First, create an account by using the form on their website. Then access your account using the login details you made. Next, deposit the minimum amount required. You will be forwarded to the broker, which we are not sure if regulated or not.

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