Breakout Hunter is Scam! Crypto App Review

What is the Breakout Hunter software? One of the most googled words during the last two years was ‘’cryptocurrencies’’, and one of the most googled phrases was ‘’how to earn money online with cryptocurrencies?’’.

We know times are difficult and everything you can do to earn an extra dollar, you will do it. However, you must be aware that there are certain scams and problems when new apps and websites start surfacing and they tell you ‘’hey, you can make $20,000 in a month, if you invest $20 on us today’’.

If you ever see something like this, run away and do not, please, do not invest on that!

But, as the art of persuasion is gaining momentum amongst apps that promise you to become a rich person by the end of the week, we have taken our time to investigate what they claim, how they claim it and if it’s doable. Let’s have a look at our Breakout Hunter review.

What is Breakout Hunter?

BreakoutHunter ‘’smart technology’’ is a Forex Trading Robot that comes from the Blockchain Research Council, which is, in turn, presented by someone called Pat Kendrick. This person claims that his software, The software can predict breakouts in cryptocurrencies before they happen. In other words, thanks to a series of predictions you could be earning more than $5,000 a day.

Considering the Breakout Hunter software only costs $37, we would say that it is a great investment then, especially if you can become a millionaire by the end of the year…

But is this really the case? Can Breakout Hunter do whatever it claims to do?

Breakout Hunter is Scam?

First Proof – Testimonials

Have you ready Breakout Hunter reviews on their website? If you have, I think we do not have anything else to say about this, as it is pretty obvious they are fake. They are too vague and you can see that they are not being honest.

And, in case you haven’t read the reviews…we can tell you this: according to Kendrick, Forbes has confirmed BreakoutHunter is perfectly working and it’s a good strategy to invest money. This is very, very dangerous, as it is not only a fake claim but also a misleading one.

Forbes has never even mention Breakout Hunter, at all! Do not start thinking ‘’I need to invest in Breakout Hunter as Forbes has recommended it’’ as this is not the case. Be careful with the money you invest!

Second Proof – Kendrick

This person called Kendrick is very obnoxious.  He has even published a photograph of his ‘’cars in his garage’’ and he claims those exotic cars are his. Those may well be his cars, we do not really know,  but we barely know his name, why would he be publishing his car collection like this? Moreover, why would you trust a guy like him? He can’t place a contact information button on his website, so i you have any problems you could easily communicate with him…but he can show off his arsenal of cars…that apparently he was able to purchase them with the money he made with Breakout Hunter…doesn’t this looks and sounds suspicious to you?

This is what it says on their website: ‘’Let me reveal to you a one of a kind, cryptocurrency profit “loophole,” that’s going to transform your net worth completely, your income statement and your financial position practically overnight’’…

This is what we tell you: they will not reveal any ‘’loophole’’ because they have not found one yet. And even if they had found out one, do you seriously think they will give away this piece of information for you to earn money? They are not that nice!

This is another thing they say: ‘’The best thing is, we have modified this “loophole,” so it works for everyday folks without a lot of money to risk and with zero experience.’’ This is a marketing strategy that has been used for decades, where they are trying to attract you by ‘’levelling themselves down’’ in other words, by telling you that if you are a newbie, then do not be afraid as you will be guided throughout the whole thing. Breakout Hunter is scam, do not believe them! They won’t even answer to your emails in case you need to contact them.

No doubts, our Breakout Hunter review has once again demonstrated a new internet scam.

Third Proof – Payments

Another thing that caught our attention is that they say that Breakout Hunter’s trades 24 hours a day. And then they would go on to explain that there are some exceptions on the times they trade as it it needs to readjust to the London market hours and then to the New York’s stock and trade sessions. We say, hey you either go full time 24 hours and do it for real, or do not claim to do it and then say ‘’with the exceptions of’’. You are contradicting yourself!

They even stated that their trading schedule is between 9:00 to 18:30 MT and then 1:00 to 3:00 GMT. So, you can clearly see they do not operate nor trade on a 24 hour timeline as they have previously stated.

And we know it’s not like you are going to be trading 24/7 and become a trade junkie, but they must do whatever they say they do, if not, then why would you say it in the first place?

Breakout Hunter Review Conclusion

We think that Breakout Hunter is scam and you should definitely stay away from it and do not get involved whatsoever with an app or a software like theirs.

Sure, it would be amazing to make $5,000 a day in the comfort of your own house, but real life does not work like this at all. What’s more, it is very difficult – almost impossible – to predict breakouts before they even happen, especially in the world of trading, investments and cryptocurrencies, this is really really hard to do. So why would you place money on something that is hard to be achieved in the first place?

Keep your money to yourself and try to invest it on something else!

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