Blockmine is Scam! Warning Review

If you are looking for a complete Blockmine review, you are in the right page. We will provide you all the information that you need. From how the system works to and how dangerous it is. The is getting popular these days and people are wondering whether it is a scam or legit mining company.

We have decided to make a thorough research and write a review to warn people and help their hard-earned money protected against the scammers. You will find out our conclusion and final judgement at the end of this Blockmine review.

There are lots of factors that we considered when checking Blockmine, like details about the owner, reviews, actual location of the company, registration and other sites associated with the company.

The internet is full of scam and fake sites and every day new sites are being launched. At the same time, the number of fake reviews is also popping up the net every day. And because of this it is difficult to determine which is legit and which is not. This comprehensive Blockmine review will help you in deciding and determining how scam Block Mine is and why you should not trust them. To fully understand how the tries to trick people we will begin our review by informing you how the system works.

Blockmine is Scam – Three Evidences

Blockmine is a firm that offers combo opportunity to its members with one click away. They provide web services needed to mine crypto currency and boost advertising work. Their website looks legit and professionally made but they are hiding something that they thought people would not notice.

According to them Blockmine is the world’s popular crypto currency mining firm, founded last 2011. It works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to provide a high level of profit to their miners. They also claim that millions of users are supporting them all over the world. It’s because of this they work independently and work automatically. They are offering you a smart and simplest way to invest your money.

They say that if you are new in this industry of crypto currencies as well as in multimedia advertising platform, Block Mine is the right software to you. Even for large-scale investors who intend to build their ROI on daily and weekly basis, Blockmine is a good company to trust.

Enough of what they claim they can do, the succeeding paragraph of our review will show you the proofs of why we believe that Blockmine is scam. The succeeding paragraphs contain details and proofs on why we consider it as scam.

First Evidence – Not Registered with office address Suite B, 29, Harley Street London, England W1G 9QR claims to be a bitcoin mining firm. Yes Blockmine is registered in the UK but this is not enough to prove that  Blockmine is legit. Most scam companies register their business in the United Kingdom but this is only for tax purposes and not a proof of legitimacy.

Upon checking the address it is not a business establishment but a residential building. This only means that Blockmine is lying about their address and used it so they can get register it in the UK.

Second Evidence – Date of Launching

According to them the business were founded in January 2011. But upon checking at was only registered last July 17, 2016 under the name of Alexander Parkin. They claim to have millions of members all over the world. Also, they never mentioned in their the name of the owner or its CEO. If Alexander Parkin is the owner of this website, then they should have mentioned it.

Upon searching for the name in Google, we couldn’t find anything that will link him to Blockmine. If he owns then they should have mentioned his name in their website.

Third Evidence – Too Good to be True Profit

Blockmine offers two different kinds of payments. The first one is Mining Weekly Payment with ROI up to 150%. It means that if one gives them $50, you will be receiving $75. The other type of payment is Adpack revenue with payment up to 140%. So if a member deposits $50 to them you receive $70 back. Sounds impressive right?

But do not get too excited. You need to know first where they will get the money to pay you. There is no proof provided that they can actually pay their members such amount. The Blockmine business is using Ponzi scheme, therefore the payment is taken from the money of the members itself. They are not involved in any investing company. In short this company is a complete scam.

Blockmine Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that Blockmine is scam and you should not trust them at all. Businesses using Ponzi scheme are most of the time non-paying firms and they don’t last long in this industry. The signs are there – unknown owner, fake address, unregistered and impossible profit, would you still trust a firm like this?

If you find this Blockmine review helpful to you, feel free to share this with others.

3 thoughts on “Blockmine is Scam! Warning Review”

  1. I joined Blockmine MLM few months ago with good friend of mine I signed up over the phone with no questions to ask I said ” if you say is good I’m in we can go through the details and train when we get together.” I’m from Wisconsin and he’s from Columbus. When we finally got together and he showed me the way it works, I’m thinking this would be where multi money laundering take place, because is worldwide and anyone can open account and loading money into the business. As for my opinion Blockmine is not a legitimate company. MLM/AML

  2. It’s a scam they are just get your perfect money and give you bitcoin. They haven’t given any withdrawal for few months .


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