Black Box Robot is Scam! Warning Review

This complete Black Box Robot review will expose the lies and deceit that is hidden in this software. This app is the latest automated trading robot that was launched in November 2016. According to its website it is working together with the best registered brokers in the world. Upon checking its website, we find it vague and lack the important part a legit app should have. Although, it does not promises you huge profits still it is marketed as the best robot in binary options. They consider themselves as one of the best robots today.

We will try to explain to you in this review why we consider Black Box Robot is scam even if they claim that they are the safest and reliable software today. Some of their claims are impossible and is not achievable, if this is a legit app, they should have realistic claims. The application includes 4 trading strategies based on the popularly used technical indicators. They claim that one can set the robot to stop losing and continue to profit. Quite impressive but don’t fall into their trap.

You should read this Black Box Robot review from start to finish before you decide.

Black Box Robot is Scam – Three Evidences

As mentioned above, it has 4 trading strategies – the Trading strategy, the Reverse Trading, the Risk Management and the Asset selection. The Trading strategy gives you the chance to choose which trading strategies to use. One can choose from RSI, Bollinger, Price Action and Fibonacci. The technical analysis techniques being followed use indicators for trading. The price action tactics search for unique market events for trading. The Reverse trading is one of its strongest aspects of any auto trading robot. Some may brag about their accuracy, we are aware that all claims are overstated. You can use the signals provided by the software and perform the opposite, this makes the user in control.

Moreover, the scam has 5 risk management settings that lets you control your present setting and lessen losses from bad signals. In the Asset selection you will have the ability to select which assets the robot will use in trading. The software has 17 currency pairs that users choose from. The reason for having this option is because sometimes the algorithm may work well during ordinary trading conditions, but have poor results during volatile markets

The above facts mentioned in our Black Box Robot review are all based on what the company is claiming. This is part of our review we will reveal to you the lies hidden on their scam. Of course some may oppose but upon seeing the evidences surely they will change their minds. They claim that they are a binary option trading tool that people should choose but we don’t agree on this and you will find out why as you continue reading this review.

First Evidence – Vague and Dull Website

If you visit website you will see their homepage is full of text and some images. There is nothing striking about its webpage that makes us feel this is a legit one. This is a low budgeted website. They should have added a short video showing the algorithm and how the software works. They can also include in their video the testimonies of real users to support their claim that it’s one of the best trading tool. A legit program all has clear explanation on how the process goes and how it can help someone generate profit. Many people prefer to watch a video rather than reading lenghty text.

Second Evidences – No Demo to Test the Software

It claims that the primary objective of this scam is to allow the traders choose their own setting. According to this scam developers the application can generate trading signals and trade on your behalf. You can change the settings to influence its performance. But what is bothering us is that what are we going to use to test this software before subscribing if it does not have a free demo . It is not a good idea to use your money to test a program, definitely you will lose it. Most of the robot has an initial deposit of $250, if you are capable to pay such amount you can test it but prepare to lose your money. We have to remind you again it is important that you test trading system on a demo account with a registered broker. Anything that involves money is very dangerous so make sure that you have tested every thing first before trusting them your hard-earned money.

Third Evidence – Anonymous Owners

Never trust a platform with unknown owners. It’s hard to entrust your hard earned money to someone you don’t know at all. In case a problem occurs who would you talk to? One of its qualifications of a legit platform is it divulges who the owners are and its developers. They should be proud of their system and they are the solid evidence to prove that it really works. But in this case the owner is unknown and you should not trust them at all.

Black Box Robot Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review will prove that Black Box Robot is scam, this system is nothing but a fraud. It may looks legit to others but it has some hidden lies that we were able to unfold in our review. We suggest that you read this review thoroughly before you decide.

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