Bitzilla is Scam! Investment Company Review

You are reading this Bitzilla review because you are interested in joining the latest BTC investment system. promises a 3.4% return of investment every day forever. We have written this review to warn people about this latest scam.

You should read this comprehensive review so you will be aware of what is in store for you if you decide to join them. Unfortunately, Bitzilla is scam and uses a platform similar to 20 other financial HYIP scams that we reviewed recently.

This market is definitely not doing good because of the many scams websites that is being launched every day. To keep yourself protected against these scams we advise you to read our in-depth review before you put your money on it. After reading our Bitzilla review you can share it with your friends and relatives on social media to warn more people. More and more people are getting victimized by these money sucking websites don’t allow yourself to be the next victim.

If you are one of their victims, you can share to us your story so we can help others on how they can protect themselves from these scammers. Aside from the evidences that we will present in this Bitzilla review, we will give you some helpful tips on how to deal with these scams in the future. According to them, their website is a team of investors who are experts at a wide range of investment choices like computer technology and engineers. They were not able to explain how Bitcoins falls into it, but they do claim the company is expert in cryptocurrency.

Bitzilla is Scam – Three Evidences is a dangerous HYIP project for investors who are in search for stable profit from bitcoin investment since it is impossible for this kind of platform to last longer. The site promises 0.16% hourly forever which is not possible. The 5% referral bonuses are also not true. This one of the many reasons why we consider this scheme is bogus. Also, you might not be able to receive withdrawals and eventually the site will close down.

Determining if it is a fraud or not is easy. By checking website we can tell that it is a fraud. One obvious indication of being a fraud is the words they use on their webpage. They think it is enough to copy other HYIP site and make some adjustments on it to make it look legit. You might be wondering how do we know? Continue reading our Bitzilla review and you will find out how.

First Evidence – Unknown Team

They claim that they are team of professionals that are expert in everything. This claim is very broad for us to take it seriously. First of all they didn’t mention any name as to who is behind Bitzilla. No personal information or anything that will lead to the identity of its owner and who the team is. This is very suspicious. Only a fake system would do such a thing.

Does this mean that Bitzilla is scam? Our answer yes, absolutely without a doubt this is a scam. A legit investment site would be proud to share the names of it’s team members so people would trust them. Also, a reliable investment site would focus only on one investment. They claim to be experts at everything. Only a scam platform would say this.

Second Evidence – Unregulated Business

The company is registered in the UK but this does not mean that it is legit. The registration if for tax purposes only. Bitzilla is not regulaed. The scammers are not oblige by law to pay you a single cent. More essentially, the company is not insured.

Honest banks in the UK and USA are insured. This means that if you deposit your money with them, your investment is safe even if the bank loses it. With Bitzilla they are not, thus we consider it as scam.

Third Evidence – Not Paying

A legit company claiming they are paying and releasing withdrawals instantly should have shown proof of payment. In the case of Bitzilla they did not provide not a single proof that they have paid someone. Also, we tried to ask some investors that we know and according to them, they have collected their money.

Obviously, the system is a scam and people should stay away from them. The best way to stop them from victimizing is by sharing this Bitzilla review so people will not invest on it. The less people join the system, the less money they can get. Eventually, they will close down.

Bitzilla Review Conclusion

This complete review proves that Bitzilla is scam. One of the biggest indications of being a scam is that they refuse to provide any proof of their earnings. A legit investmetn site will boast abut their successful investments. Unfortunately, does not do this. Don’t be fooled, don’t invest your money in this website it’s a scam.

If you find this Bitzilla review helpful, feel free to share it with others.

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