Bitrush is Scam! Warning Review

You want to know more about this scheme and how it works? Read this comprehensive Bitrush review and we will tell you everything about it. Bit-Rush is an investment company that uses Bitcoin. They claim to be legit, but they are not and we will prove it to you. The business uses HYIP scheme which is questionable in financial industry. The firm is getting good reviews on other websites.

But the truth is that the firm is not reliable at all. This Bitrush review is basically different as compared to other reviews. We will show you evidences that will prove it’s a scam and it will not help you earn. The main goal of this review is to warn and protect the investors and to help them decide wisely. is a scam and thus we are not promoting the site.

We have collected some evidences that will prove Bitrush is scam. It is important for investors to know that what is being published on the HYIP Monitors will do nothing good for investors, instead the people will get scammed.

Let’s start by revealing their payment plans, and present how these schemes were created for the purpose of enticing you into depositing. All of these payment plans will lead to the emptying of your account. Bitrush offers different payment scheme starting from 3.12% every day to 5.04% every day, which means you can get 3.12% daily from any deposit you make.

Bitrush did not explain that it will take you 32 days before you can get your principal back. It depends on which plan you pick. But, everyone normally starts with the lowest plan. The ROI you can get from this is much higher as compared to normal stock trading.

Bitrush is Scam – Three Evidences

Even if the bitcoin market is unstable, the young experts are utilizing it to the advantage of Bitrush and all whose money are invested into it. The scammers behind this company are encouraging people to support the program by depositing a token which can be collected to increase their investment and make more profits. looks simple and easy to use. You can access it on your gadget or on your PC.

Is a scam or legit? We have been mentioning that Bitrush is similar to other HYIP firm, they are all scam. We also notice that there are lots of people who want to know the truth behind this scheme. The company is an investment platform registered in the United Kingdom. According to them their headquarters is situated in London at Aldgate, St. Botolph St. EC3A 7DT. But we have checked the said address and we have found out that they are lying. They claim to be a fast-growing company, with success attributed to its intelligent and experienced team of bitcoin traders.

Some may disagree with us but we can prove it in this Bitrush review that it’ s nothing but a scam

First Evidence – Anonymous Owner

The first thing people would check if they are interested in a specific company is the owner’s name.  Bitrush either forgot to mention the developer’s name or owner or it was done on purpose. Most of the scam companies using HYIP scheme normally keep the name of the owner secret.

The reason is obvious, so that people would not know who to pursue to. If you encounter an HYIP company that mention the name of the owner don’t jump into conclusion that it’s reliable and invest on it right away. You still need to investigate. Search online and check if the person exists or not. There are lots of scam companies that hire actors to represent them or act as the owner to make it look reliable. So be very careful.

Second Evidence – Encourage to Deposit More

Bitrush does not provide any proof of success in trading. They only claim to be expert in trading but there is no evidence to prove it. They will encourage you to sign-up and ask you to deposit the minimum amount required to test the system. Once you are in, they will try to convince you that instead of withdrawing your profit it is best to add it on your investment so one can earn more.

If you insist on withdrawing it, they will pay you. Then you will be encouraged to invest again until they don’t have the resources to pay you and they will just close up the business. This is when you will realize you are being scammed.

Third Evidence – Fake Address and Unregistered

Above we showed you how attract people to sign up and tricked them, this time we will prove to you that having it registered in the UK is not enough to say it is legit. The scammers want to make sure that they can attract as many investors as they can by making the website looks real so they register the business in the UK.

However, not all companies registered in the UK are legit. The registration is for tax purposes only. Bitrush is not registered and we are sure it won’t last long because they have stolen the name of a real company known as Bitrush Corp. and their legit website is Thus is a fake site created by scammers to stole others people money.

Bitrush Review Conclusion

This in-depth review proves that Bitrush is scam, the program is nothing but a fraud. Just like other HYIP companies this firm will not last longer. Once they collected enough money for themselves they can simply close down the site and fly away. is not paying and you will never get your money back. Thus, before joining any site make sure to check first if it is legit or not.

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