BitQT BQ Review – A Software You Should Not Trust At All

In this BitQT BQ review, you will know how this investment scam works and what is behind cryptocurrencies. Many users are complaining about their bad experiences after using the software. 

Presented in this review are pieces of evidence that will prove BitQT BQ is a scam, and traders should not trust it at all. We want to emphasize that your money is not safe with this app. If you do not want to lose it, invest only in legitimate software working with regulated brokers. 

What is BitQT BQ?

As mentioned earlier, BitQT BQ is a trading app for cryptocurrencies. It is an auto trading app that works on your behalf. The app can generate a fair amount of money. Some of its selling features include a 99.4% winning rate (which is impossible), daily earning up to $1,100, requires only 20 minutes of work a day, and it is entirely automatic. 

Also, they are offering the system for free. So, if it is for free, then how users can earn thousands of dollars a month? As we continue with this review, you will determine if this app can provide what they claim or a dangerous scam.

How does it work?

BitQT BQ uses a fake demo mode to attract more people to invest their money in this supposed to be a profitable program. If you still want to continue using this software, maybe you do not know yet the many risks involved since it is free. 

The truth is, it is not free. BitQT BQ will ask you to deposit the minimum amount before you can start using the software. Then, you will be redirected to a particular broker. Sad to say, you are not allowed to choose the broker. The system is working with an unregulated broker that helps them in stealing your money. 

But some transactions involve unregulated brokers that will silently steal your money, and you cannot complain since you cannot find any reasons. The system will transfer your investment to a specific broker, then disappear. You will then be encouraged to invest more, giving promises that are impossible for them to provide. 

They may show you have money on your funds, but you need to pay a specific tax to withdraw it. If you cannot pay right away, all your funds will be gone.

Why BitQT BQ a scam?

BitQT BQ is a scam, and all they want is to get your money. All the things mentioned on their website are lies to encourage people to register and invest. Below are pieces of evidence to prove that this software is a fraud. 

A recycled / cloned website

Scammers these days are becoming lazy, and they are just cloning websites such as Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Era or Bitcoin Loophole. To make it different from these other scams, they only change the color and names and add some text. But the design and how the website is presented is the same. You can easily recognize it as one of the scams because of its design. 

BitQT BQ may look different at first, but you will notice that it is just a copy of the other scam if you look deeper at it. And because of this, we can confirm that this site is also a scam. 

Fake promises

BitQT BQ added a calculator on its website to help you calculate how much you can gain using the system. Use it by entering your initial deposit and then calculating how much money you can earn for the month. Using the calculator, it gives you results that can quintuple your funds within a month. 


This is not possible. You can succeed this month, but it could not happen regularly when trading with cryptocurrencies. BitQT BQ promises that you will earn a fixed amount monthly, and this is not possible when we are talking about trading and/or investing. 

Fake demo account

If a trader wants to test a particular app, the demo mode is used using virtual money. You can check how the platform works and don’t just rely on the comments and reviews that you read. Through the demo account, you can check whether your account will grow rapidly or not. But this is not possible with BitQT BQ as it uses a fake demo account. 

The owners use an imaginary demo mode trades, and the results it provides are far from what you will actually get in real trading


BitQT BQ is a scam. The evidence is clear and if you are still convinced that this is a legitimate app, make sure you are ready to lose some money. This app is designed to steal money from you and avoid it at all costs. Search for a reliable trading app that works with regulated brokers. You can test the trading system using a demo account. Make sure you understand the risks and trade only the amount of money you can afford to lose. 

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Is BitQT BQ a scam?

Definitely, yes. It is a fraudulent trading software that pretends to be profitable, but its main objective is to steal money from you. 

Can you earn more with BitQT BQ?

Since it is a fraud, earning money is not possible. Once you start trading using real money, you will also start losing your money fast.

How do I register with BitQT BQ?

Registering in this app is easy. We suggest not to or don’t even visit the site or give your personal data as you will surely regret it. Stay safe by avoiding this software.  

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