BitQS Review – Never Trust A Cloned Scam Website

This BitQS review will provide you information about the system and how it works. Many investors have submitted their complaints, and if you are still interested in putting your money in this app, you have to read this. We have done an in-depth review and analysis to prove this software is a scam.

This post includes some facts on how it works and the evidence we collected during our evaluation.

What is BitQS?

BitQS claims to be an automated trading app for cryptocurrencies. It means that you can trade using the software, and it will generate profits for you. On their website, they mentioned that it could help investors earn up to $1,100 a day. To earn, you need to sign up and pay the minimum amount, and it will automatically do the trading. 

They also claim that their system is 100% secured, it works on various devices, and you can trade anytime and anywhere. The question is, are they capable of providing all of these to the traders? You will find out after reading this review.

How does it work?

BitQS works like other trading software. You need to register and sign up first, providing them the information required. You will be asked to deposit the minimum amount, which is $250. They will assign a broker to you, and all you need to do is wait for your earnings. Most of the fraudsters have the same process to start trading. 

To convince you that you need to add more funds, they will let you win several tradings. Once you have added some money to your account, do not expect it to grow. Your money will disappear, informing you have lost the trading. The truth is the scammers transfer your funds to their account.

Even the BitQS demo account is rigged, so do not try it as well. They will falsify the demo version that uses fake prices and profits because, in reality, the app loses.

Why BitQS is a Scam?

We can tell you lots of reasons why BitQS is a scam. Some of them are mentioned below. It was easy for us to detect this app is a fraud. The website itself is fake and cloned from other scam websites so, if you want to save your money from the fraudsters, never invest on this platform.

If you insist on trying, you should know the risks and prepare to lose your funds.

Too good to be true promises

On the BitQS website, you will see a calculator that will calculate how much you will earn using the app. The sample they have provided arrived at a 400% a month of earnings because trading is done even during weekends. This is an impossible return, and no one could achieve it, not even the most reliable app.

BitQS Review

No legit business could give you an increase in your money by 400% in a month. It is impossible. A reasonable and achievable profit for your investment is around 10% in a year. If they can provide such earnings, they can show proof.

Fake trading results

The spreadsheet presented on the BitQS website is fake. The profits shown is in hundreds of dollars. You will notice in the spreadsheet that you can earn only when trading in the financial markets, which is not valid. Another thing is that the track record has trading pairs like the ETH/LTC or LTC/EOS, which no of their suggested brokers offers those pairs to trade.

Once you sign up, you will be redirected to an unregulated broker, where it is impossible to trade crypto directly, and also, the mentioned derivatives are not existing.

Fake reviews and testimonials

BitQS shows logos of trusted media like CNN, the BBC, Bloomberg, the Financial Times, and Forbes. They are using this to provide an impression that these media sites are promoting the app. This is not real. No media company has ever promoted this platform positively because they know it’s a scam.

The reviews and testimonials of the supposed to be users of BitQS found on their page are also fake. Some of the proofs are shown in the photos below. The scammers use images of people who are not aware of the program. The images were used in different websites and other apps like BitQT, which is also a scam


BitQS is a scam that claims to provide huge profits from cryptocurrency trading, but the truth is you will lose your funds. We suggest to stay away from this software no matter what. If you want to try trading cryptocurrencies online, look for a legit and reliable site and use the free demo account. If you are one of the victims of this software, feel free to comment below.

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Is BitQS a scam?

Yes, without a doubt, BitQS is a scam. It attracts investors by promising high profits, but you will lose all your money in the end.

How much can one earn with BitQS?

You cannot earn anything from BitQS because it is a scam. It promises high earnings, but the app cannot provide it.

How to register in BitQS?

According to them, registering is easy, but we suggest not registering if you do not want to lose your money. Make sure not to send them any money.

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