BitQL Review – A Scam Exposed Do Not Deceive By Its Look

BitQL is another trading app that claims to be the best in the industry. But, the truth it is one of the scam apps, stealing money from the investors. It is part of the group of cloned websites. You will find out later what we meant by this. If you have encountered the BitQT app before, this app is just a duplication of it. This app is designed to deceive and mislead investors by telling lies about how easy to join and use the software.

In short, the BitQL is another fraud scheme promoted well by an affiliate network and working together with offshore brokers. To warn you about this scam, we have gathered evidence to prove it is a scam and should not invest in it.

What is BitQL?

BitQL software is a trading platform designed with intelligent algorithms to trade automatically using bitcoin. Sound impressive. The truth is, it is designed to attract people to invest so they can steal your money.

Their algorithms are developed with the trading principles in mind in fast-paced cryptocurrencies trading derivatives. It includes very profitable techniques like a candlestick, profit parabolic, and scalping. These terms are quite engaging, but the truth is the only thing they want is your hard-earned money.

You don’t have to master the various terms used in BitQL. Because it generates everything automatically, this is yet another lie from a scam app.

How does it work?

Like other scam apps, you need to register, sign up, and then pay the minimum amount required. You will be redirected to their affiliated brokers, which are not regulated. They will tell you to wait for the result as the broker will do the trading. To convince you to add more to your funds, they will let you win some. But after they have accumulated enough money in your account, you will lose the trading and steal your money.

They say it’s free to trade. But, in reality, it is not. You cannot trade without depositing the minimum amount. This get-rich-quick fraud trading app is spreading fake news to deceive and mislead possible investors.  

Why BitQL is a scam?

BitQL is a scam because they want to steal money from the investors. Many have been victimized, but the authorities could not stop the company from what they are doing. Their website is full of lies. Even ordinary people can detect them. Below is proof that this software is a scam.

Cloned scam website

BitQL Review

Check the image we have provided. The first image is the screenshot of the BitQL main registration page. Now divert your attention to the main page image of the BitXT app. The similarity is undeniable. It is a recycled website with a different logo. BitXT is also considered a scam and has been blacklisted for its illegal work.

We strongly believe that the same group is behind the two applications. BitQT is another website using the same template with a different logo. The resemblance is very obvious. The template used for their website is the same. It has been used in numerous get-rich-quick crypto scams.

Fake reviews

The individual consumer reviews of BitQT and BitQL are the same, but they bear different names. If you are not alarmed by this, you might be either willing to lose your money or one of the scammers. You can find some positive reviews about the app because they are receiving affiliate commissions for promoting the software to the viewers. Some people may try to invest after reading the reviews, but they will lose their money.

Fake news

The logo of CNN, Time, Forbes, and at the lower part of the page with the girl holding a Bitcoin is fake. If there is a legit post about them on the mentioned sites, they will link it back to that page.

They create fake endorsements using the names of prominent celebrities and other well-known personalities. Some of the public figures used include Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and others.


We do not recommend BitQL because it is a scam. There are lots of complaints about the app, and most of them could not get their money back. If you want to try trading using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, make sure you do your thorough research. It will help if you ask the opinion of the expert. If this software has victimized you, feel free to comment below.

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Is BitQL a scam?

Yes, it is 100% scam software. This trading app pretends to be a reliable and regulated platform providing a high profit. Its primary purpose is to attract people to invest and steal your money.

How much can you earn with BitQL?

You will earn nothing from it. Instead, you will lose your money.

Is BitQL App free?

Registering and signing up is free, but you cannot trade without depositing the minimum amount required.

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