BitQH Review – A Scam Crypto Robot You Should Not Trust

Is BitQH a crypto trading app you can trust? This review will reveal the truth behind this software. If you search the internet about the trading app, you will be surprised by the results. Most of the software listed on top of Google are the ones with suspicious sites. Before you trust any trading system, make sure that you have done some research and consult the experts so you will not get victimized.

BitQH is one of those fraud apps, and we will tell you why as you continue reading this review. We will discuss how it works and the evidence to prove it is a scam.

What is BitQH?

BitQH is a trading application that allows members to invest in cryptocurrency and use it to trade. The money you deposit to your funds are converted into Bitcoins you will use in trading. It was in 2019 when the company launched this trading app and has attracted many people right away. According to them, they have fast-paced workability. As compared to other systems, they offer better transactions.

Before you start trading using this app, you need to know the truth behind this platform. It might sound very enticing, but the question is can they provide it. Continue reading this review and find out.

How does it work?

Just like other trading apps, you need to register and deposit money. BitQH claims it is free, but you cannot trade without depositing the minimum amount. You will be referred to a broker who is not regulated to do the trading for you.

The software offers Contracts for Difference in cryptocurrencies. It evaluates trading opportunities with its advanced algorithm. They will then send signals to the assigned brokers through an API. The order will be placed without human intervention. BitQH claimed all of these, but these things do not exist at all because it’s a scam.

Why BitQH is a Scam?

This BitQH review will prove this software is a scam, and people should not trust it no matter what. Once you have deposited your money, after a few hours, your funds will be emptied. We have gathered proof to prove that it is a scam.

Fake reviews

The first thing we check on a website is the reviews of the previous users. Reading them helps me decide. Not in the case of BitQH. We have reviewed lots of trading apps, and it looks like this software is a fraud.

The review page’s personalities are the same individuals you will see on other scam websites like BitQL and BitXT only with different names. It looks like all the trading platforms with Bit on names are a fraud. Check out the image below.

Too good to be true earnings

If this is true, then we all become millionaires. How can it be possible to have a daily profit of 300%? Your initial deposit of $250 will generate $1000 in just few hours? Not even the most reliable and legitimate app can provide such ROI.

We have seen many fraud sites with the same offer, but all of them got warnings from various government authorities. It is not surprising if one day the BitQH site will be on the blacklisted trading app.

Unknown Owner/Developer

One quality of legit software is transparency. They share with their members’ information that most people want to know, like who owns the website. Dealing with a trading system with an unknown owner is like passing through an invisible door. It is a must for investors to know who to talk with in case of problems and other issues.

Upon checking to Whois, BitQH owners are anonymous. A clear sign that they don’t want to be known.

BitQH Review


BitQH is a scam. The company offers a too good to be true profit. It has been the golden rule by investors, never to trust someone who promises high income with minimal investment. The possibility that it is a scam is high. The fact that the owner of this software is unknown is a manifestation that they are hiding something.

Search for a reliable and legitimate site to invest. Talk to the experts as they know what software can provide you better profit. If BitQH has victimized you, feel free to comment below.

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Can I trust BitQH?

If any governing financial authorities do not regulate it, you should not trust it as the possibility of BitQH being a scam is very high. Even if you have seen many positive reviews about the software, it is still not worth your trust. They are paid to provide good reviews.

Is BitQH safe?

Since it is considered a scam, it is not safe to invest your money in BitQH. You can try its demo account, but it might be rigged as well.

Is the app available for download on mobile devices?

Yes, BitQH can be downloaded on your Android and iOS devices

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