Bitomatic Review – Viral Ponzi Scam

This Bitomatic review will show you the hidden lies and how it tries to deceive people. You end up on our page because you want to know the truth. If you are interested in putting your money on this app, let us warn you this early, this HYIP app is a scam. 

Reading this review will give you an idea of how this software works. We have provided in this post the information that you need to know. 

We have reviewed several HYIP apps in the past, and it looks like Bitomatic is one of the systems that you should not trust at all. Do not invest in a fraud app like this. This is a warning for those who want to try trading using this system, never trust this scam app. 

Below is some evidence that will prove this software is a scam.

What is Bitomatic? introduces itself as the first digital platform that connects traders with actual users. They claim to be a high-tech platform designed with the latest technology and an advanced dual-token system. It is the smart connection between the traders, their members, and the trading-pools.

Their owners talk about the dual token system, and they call it TICK. It is a utility token and will help interact with the platform, unlocking the network levels, and has a significant part in all the special events and new products.

How does it work?

To access and know what Bitomatic has to offer, you need to sign up using your email. You need a sponsor to be able to sign up. Once you are done creating your account, you will be redirected to their page.

Once you enter their site, you can trade right away after depositing the minimum amount needed, which is $44. An instructional video was provided to guide you on how the app works. This app is not connected to any legitimate brokers that will help you in trading.

Why Bitomatic is a scam?

Below are some evidences that will prove why Bitomatic is a scam, and you should not transact with them using real money. This HYIP software will attract you with its impossible claims. Make sure you will not invest a single penny in this app, or you will be sorry.

Fraud securities

Any MLM company needs to register with financial regulators within the jurisdiction it collects investment in to consider it legal. does not provide any proof that it has registered with securities regulators in any jurisdiction. This means that this software is not regulated, making it a questionable app. The fact that it does not have a physical address makes us suspect that it operates to steal investors’ money.

No proof of payment

If you visit their website, you will not get any information that will help you assess whether it is a safe site or not. You cannot find any testimonials from users, so it is up to you whether to trust them or not. No further information was provided about the app. 

Bitomatic introduces BTOK as their internal token and the currency used in their platform. The said currency is unknown in trading, and no concrete proof that it is profitable like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Impossible lucrative profit

HYIP scheme is what they’re promoting under Bitomatic , which most scam websites use. They promise you high ROI, but in the end, you will get nothing. The scammers pretend as a paying platform for their first few customers to get referrals. After hitting their target, you will not hear anything from them. They offer investment plans that pay from 0.46% to 0.66% every day. Relatively high for an investor looking for high profit. This is a major red flag since the broker could not explain how they can get this profit.



Bitomatic is a scam, and you should avoid it. They are using the old trick of attracting investors with lucrative profits. Do not transact with a broker that is not regulated. So, do not get tempted to invest your money in it. You might read some comments that it is a legit and paying app. Yes, some customers might get paid, but after they have collected the needed amount, you will not hear from them again. Be observant. Do not allow yourself to be victimized by these fraudulent apps. 

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Is it safe to invest with

It is not safe to invest your hard-earned money with a fake broker.

Is the HYIP scheme of Bitomatic legal?

If the company can sustain it and pay its members, then there is nothing wrong with it. However, this is not the case with Bitomatic.

Who owns/developed Bitomatic?

Bitomatic owner is Gemma Rabassa. She has been associated to other questionable trading app which makes us suspect her character. 

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