Biteagle is Scam! Review

What is Biteagle? Nowadays whenever you talk to someone and mention that you would like other ways of invest your money. Asides from a bank or real state, they will most likely mention an online investment that could be based on anything.

It is your job to find a suitable investment plan where you feel secured, where your money is guarded and where you know. If something happens you will always be just a click away from the website or software you have chosen.

However, there are many more websites that often try to lie to people. Especially to those that are new in businesses, and who get away with illegal things, such as stealing money from you!

If you are going to invest in something make sure you are 100% sure about it, read every piece and bit of information you can possibly find. Also ask questions to everybody you know that has done the same type of investment or even a similar investment.

Losing money online is real, continue reading our Biteagle review to find out whether it is legit and whether you are about to make money or lose your savings.

What is

Biteagle is a brand new online trading and investment platform that promises you to have the highest return on your investments. They claim to be a team of professional traders that focus on Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies while they also trade on multiple exchanges and markets worldwide.

They even claim that it is precisely because of this extraordinary diversification of the investments they make, that they are able to deliver a steady and high income to their investors on a daily basis. In other words, apparently if you join Biteagle you will be able to make a lot of money while doing not so much!

Continue reading this Biteagle review to find out if this is true to the case or not.

Biteagle is scam?

First Proof – Scheme

The way Biteagle works is like this. You will never know if it’s actually going to last, just like you will never know if will pay your money back to you. Let’s say you have invested any amount of money on them. And this company then gets popular among people and starts receiving positive feedback and all of the sudden it becomes the talk of the town.

If you then start to really think about Bitealge and what it does, and you decide, on time, that you would like your money back. Then your money will most likely come from other investors who have, of course, invested blindly in a website such as

What’s really bad about this is that your money will likely come from people who, like you, are innocent about this whole situation. They are not trying to play this system but somehow they ended up being dragged towards it. In other words, you could, potentially, be helping others to destroy their finances, just like some others might do to you if you do not decide to leave Biteagle on time. Are you sure you would like to play that game?

Second Proof – Money back

If you decide to find out more about Biteagle and make an online quick search you will soon realize that it is an actual scam. Many people all over the world are complaining that they never received a cent back from what they have invested.

The most common complaints are that they either didn’t have any money back in their accounts (even though they had made the deposit) or that the website stopped running all of the sudden. We would like to believe that if a website like this stops running all of the sudden that they could at least be responsible to their investors and pay their money back where it has been requested…however, not everyone is like us, and this Biteagle website has proven over and over again to be quite a scam.

Third Proof – Support

On their website, the Biteagle team says that they completely understand how important it is to have a reliable service and support to their customers and investors. While we agree with this statement, we would like them to turn it into action. We have tried a couple of times to have a direct contact with anyone at and it has been impossible. No one is found online, it is a lie that they will get back to you in 24 hours. We have been ignored even through the support form they have on their website.

Why would you like to invest on a website that cannot even get back to their investors? This seems very weird to us, and this is definitely one of the reasons why we think that Biteagle is scam. Stay away from it, if you can.

Fourth Proof – Ponzi

Even though they offer a lot of ways to invest your money in them, we are left with the belief that we actually didn’t understand a thing that they just offered us. This is because they are very mischievous in the way that they have worded and phrased the information found on their website.

So, if you don’t understand much about what they say or what they are talking about, then continue reading, ask around or ask them directly to see whether you will get a response for them. We all might get a lovely surprise with a reply from the Biteagle’s team, but we highly doubt it. This seems like a ponzi scheme to us.

Biteagle Review Conclusion

There are many websites that offer a great variety of deals or investments to be made online, or important and relevant trades and relatively easy ways to make money. is not one of them because Biteagle is scam!

Always do your research before signing up to a website like theirs, and, in any case, if you have signed up already and you are now regretting your decision then we would still like to encourage you to be patience as we are sure you will find out a way of investing your money and getting what you deserve back.

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