Bitcoinminer 365 is Scam! Mining Service Review

Cloud mining services for bitcoin like Bitcoinminer 365 are becoming extremely popular lately. They usually offer you plans you get to choose which one is the most suitable one for your needs, in terms of investments, money you would like to invest, and how much you would like to receive at the end of each month.

And always keep in mind that when a website says they only accept deposits in cryptocurrencies, then crypto transactions are kind of anonymous and irreversible, so you will not be able to get your money back once you have sent it and make the deposit. This is why we tell you all the time to do some research before you put your money in and before you start complaining about a website!

We ask you to continue reading our Bitcoinminer 365 review in order to find out whether a website like can truly offer you everything they claim, or if they are a complete scam that you need to run away from!

What is Bitcoinminer 365?

According to their website, Bitcoinminer 365 is a cloud mining service for bitcoin. The great thing about it is that you don’t have to buy anything to make it work, you simply rent it and you use it for mining and you will then receive all your profits in bitcoins. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

But, is this truly the case? Is this really how it works? Continue reading this Bitcoinminer 365 review to find out whether this is a true and reliable website or if it’s another ponzi scheme that will likely make you lose your money!

Bitcoinminer 365 is scam?

First Proof – Reviews

An interesting thing is happening, and this is that whenever you have a look online and start reading their reviews, about 90% of them are positive reviews. You may be telling yourself now, ‘’well, I will sign up then’’. And we get it, most of the Bitcoinminer 365 reviews seem, actually, ‘’seem’’ legit and positive, but in reality they are not. What we have here is a case of propaganda.

Someone behind Bitcoinminer365 wants this website to be as successful as possible and it’s either deleting all the negative reviews that have been left or is actually paying people to write positive reviews and lie to others. Whichever is the case, you have been warned, do not just look at the positive reviews and think ‘’that is it, i’m going to be rich now’’. No. Life doesn’t work like this!

Second Proof – Founder

Another thing that caught our attention is the fact that there is no relevant information about who the owner of this website is, or who created in the first place. If you are creating a website that tries to gain new investors the least you could do is have a video of a small talk where you introduce yourself to those who don’t know you. This will then create a sense of belonging, a sense of ‘’hey, I know you, I want to invest in you’’.

On the contrary is happening with this website. There doesn’t seem to be, not even a small percentage, of transparency, and this indicates to us that Bitcoinminer 365  is scam! Be aware of it! They seem to be very mysterious and we cannot stop asking ourselves, what are they hiding then?

Third Proof – Contracts

According to Bitcoinminer365’s website, they offer you either a small, medium or large plans where you could invest your time, effort and money in. They even tell you that each contract you make, that is, each investment you make is set to supposedly run for at least 2 years, which to us seems a little bit over the top.

How can you remain in a contract for 2 years with a scam? You will, no doubt about it, lose your money and wash it all away for that period of time! This can also work out against you since contracts are very much likely to expire even before you can break even…in other words, you will end up losing money either way! This sounds like a definite fraud to us, Bitcoinminer 365 is scam!

Fourth Proof – Profits

Bitcoinminer365 tells you that in order to show you their appreciation for your investment, you will then receive up to 7% per day for returns. Wow! We would like to say thank you very much this sounds too good to be true, and it is, in fact, too good to be true, as it is very unlikely that the types of investments and thus the types of returns offered by a website like are going to be offered to you.

This is a marketing trick they have established and created in order to catch your attention and to put a dollar sign in your eyes, before you even sign up! Needless to say you will become disappointed whenever you realize that this was all a lie, from the beginning of times.

Bitcoinminer 365 Review Conclusion

We would love you tell you that yes, Bitcoinminer 365 is legit and you will soon be making money out of it, but this is simply not the case at all, it is a totally scam. There is no way you could be making 7% in bitcoin mining each day! We are sorry if you thought that you finally found your perfect crypto mining website and company to work with.

However, we strongly encourage you to stay away from this website, Bitcoinminer 365 is scam! We know for a fact that investing money online can be very dangerous, especially if you have no idea on what to invest your money in, and if you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies, investments and trades.

This is why we strongly encourage you to empower yourself first, read as much as you can before you sign up to a website like this, and ask questions to those who really know what they are doing and how they are investing their money, this could save you from many unnecessary headaches and sleepless nights where you continue to think about all the money you have lost!

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