is Scam! HYIP Review

This comprehensive review will expose the lies and reveal how dangerous this software is. You might have heard some good things about this app but do not fall from it. They are making their own reviews to make the people believe that it is a legit company.

Unfortunately, is scam and you should not believe them at all. Before you take further action, and consider investing your Bitcoin with this latest high yield investment program, you should read our review first. This malicious and fake company is hiding behind a company to make it looks like a real trading expert. Their claim is far from reality. This scheme promises to provide members huge return of investment in a short period of time. This actually alone makes us think, it is impossible for HYIP Company to provide such income. For us this is a clear indication that this company is a scam. It is a duplication of other Bitcoin scam that uses “get rich fast” technique to attract more people to sign up.

For those who are new in this kind of industry, this platform never works.  Primarily, because this kind of system is full of lies and fluffs, it’s because of this why we feel the need to write this review. Through this review you can decide accordingly and you get protected against this scam.

There is a huge risk in every online investment, so you need to be careful where to put your money. If you are not cautious it will cost you a lot and lose everything that you invested. Choose a trusted and legit website to invest in. You should never trust new firm with little feedback for you are not sure what they are capable of doing and how they will last in the market. It is one of those firms that you need to stay away and you will find out why as you continue reading this review. is Scam – Three Evidences

According to them was developed by a group of professional bankers, analysts, traders and experts in the stock, futures, gold, silver, oil trading and currencies for more than 10 years of experience. They claim to be the best in investment program. They promise profits that will make their members rich fast regardless of where you are. But Bitcoin Invest was able to provide what they have claimed for. is a website that promises its members a higher ROI within one week. According to them a team of experts comprises of professional traders and investors are behind the firm. They ensure that your money will be doubled within the shortest time possible. Before you get too excited let us remind you, there is no such thing as doubling your bitcoin within one week, is impossible. Even the most legit business will not be able to provide you this.

We don’t think so, thus we are writing this in-depth review to reveal all the lies and deception.

First Evidence – Unknown Developers

They mentioned about their developers as group of expert traders, analysts and others but they were not able to give at least one name. Isn’t it quite suspicious? Who are they? How we were able to confirm and verify their identity if they will not divulge the name of the team members. It looks like prefers to hide the real creators of this website. We tried to check for the website owner at but even their registration is anonymous. This is quite alarming. In an industry that is full of scam applications, would you trust an HYIP market that does not divulge the name of owner or developer?

Definitely not, keep in mind never invest in any business that refuses to divulge the names of the team. A legit bank or firm would be proud to tell everybody who created the system.

Second Evidence – is Not Regulated

Yes Bitcoininvest is registered in the UK but it is for tax purposes only This sort of registration is not the same with being regulated. Actually, is not insured or regulated which means investing in this company is unsafe. Your money is unsecured and you will lose them all once you invested on it. They are not monitored by any financial authority. They don’t have any rules or laws that need to be followed.

They are free to do things that they want and say anything that will help their company. If you still want to put your money in after reading this complete review, make sure that you are prepared to lose them all. There is no way you can pursue the company.

Third Evidence – Lies and More Lies

According to them they have been in the business for many years, but upon checking they were only registered a few months ago. This is a clear sign that Bitcoininvest is scam and people should stay away from this dangerous firm. Another lie that you will encounter if you explore their website is their claim that they will help you double your investment within one week. It is definitely a lie. Doubling investment is not possible. Even the most legit business cannot do this.

The fact that they assert that they can do such thing is highly dubious and ridiculous. Even their user reviews page is a complete lie. The images of the people you see in are fake photos taken online and were given fake names. These are not investors. Review Conclusion

This complete review proves this is scam. The lies are obvious and people will not have a hard time determining if this business is a scam or not. Having an unknown developer, using fake photos and unsecured business are obvious signs of being a fraud.

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