Bitcoin Prime Review – Evidence of Being a Scam

Bitcoin Prime is said to be one of the hottest names when it comes to generating money online. The platform trades bitcoin claiming to help you earn up to 500%. All you need to do is to register and deposit the minimum amount required. 

The platform claims to have a winning rate of 90%, which is why many traders use the Bitcoin Prime robot. Sounds impressive, but the question is, is the site real or another scam website. This is the main reason why we have written this review. We want to warn the people and keep them safe from the scam software.

Before we come up with our conclusion, we have done a thorough investigation of this trading app to determine if it is legitimate and worth investing in or a fraud. Read this review from start to finish, and you decide.

What is Bitcoin Prime?

Like other bitcoin trading software, Bitcoin Prime is a trading tool that uses AI technologies to trade automatically. All the users need to do is sign up and register and then deposit the required minimum amount, and the robot will do all the work.

Traders can trade BTC against ETH, XRP, BCH, and fiat pairs like GBP, EUR, and USD. The robot offers 50 plus crypto CFDs pairs with its partner brokers.

You don’t have to be an expert in trading to use the app or well-versed in the technical trading language with Bitcoin Prime. It’s because the robot is 100 percent automatic.

With this robot, trading involves betting on price movements instead of buying the actual assets. It means that you don’t have to undergo the meticulous buying process to generate Bitcoin Prime funds. This robot also is designed with trading techniques that can speculate on falling prices.

But do not believe in these promises, everything is big lie as you will see below.

How does it work?

Is Bitcoin Prime safe? Let’s find out how it works. As an auto-trading platform, it works with the robot’s chosen brokers. The brokers are different from the actual ones as they depend mostly on advanced trading systems with speedy execution.

Likewise, they provide trading conditions that are suitable for robot trading. The brokers will serve as the bridge between the market and the robot. The bot will do the trading research and sends auto signals to the broker for execution.

The slippage can be positive or negative. Expect the price at worst in negative slippage. The Bitcoin Prime app relies on its partner brokers to transact with its clients. They claim that their brokers are regulated in all jurisdictions of operations.

Why Bitcoin Prime is a scam?

You have read how Bitcoin Prime works based on what they claim. But do they really carry out all these works? We don’t think they do! Their main objective of putting up the website is to collect money from the investors and steal them. Below are pieces of evidence to prove that the software is not legal and is thus considered a scam.

Steve Mckay – The fake CEO of Bitcoin Prime

Don’t be deceived by the handsome guy, who introduces himself as Steve McKay. He claims to be as the CEO and founder of Bitcoin Prime. The truth is, the scammers are using his photo to represent them so they can do their dirty scheme. Several scam sites use the same image. We are not sure if this is a paid photo or can be used for free. Upon searching Google, we found him in one of the stock photo sites.

Bitcoin Prime Scam
Bitcoin Prime Steve Mckay

You will also see his photo on other scam sites like Bitcoin Code. According to Steve, he has made $100 million using the software. Why is a wealthy man like Steve remains unheard of and is not as famous as Bill Gates and others? It’s because Steve McKay does not exist.

Cloned/Recycled website

At first, we thought Bitcoin Prime is regulated, but then we check the websites and see the video used by many scam websites. We added right away this software to our list of fraud sites. The video features celebrities talking about bitcoin. Again never trust a trading software using the same video as there is a high possibility that it is a scam.

Bitcoin Prime Recycled Scam

BTC Prime is just a recycled scam from the same creators who are rebranding a website in several programs with different trademarks and colors.

Fake testimonials

To determine if the website is real or a scam, people would check the previous users’ testimonies. With Bitcoin Prime, this is not possible as all the comments and positive reviews provided by the people featured on their website are all fake. See the photos below and the names of the individuals on two scam websites recycled from the same scammers. Obviously, they are just using the same images and just changing their names and their comments.


This review proves that the site is clearly not reliable, Bitcoin Prime is a scam. Keep in mind there is no shortcut to earn money to succeed in life. This scam site encourages people to invest and then steal their money.

Hope this Bitcoin Prime review will help you understand how bitcoin scammers work. If you want to try trading using the app, you can use their demo account using digital funds. If you’re going to add something or you have questions, you can comment below.

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Does the Bitcoin Prime software have a trading app?

Yes, it has iOS and Android mobile apps. Registered users can access the trading apps.

Is Bitcoin Prime a legal site or a scam?

After our investigation, we have found out that this robot is not legal and all it wants to do is steal the investor’s money.

What is the minimum amount do I need to deposit?

The robot will ask you to deposit the minimum amount, which is $250, before you can start trading.

Is Bitcoin Prime profitable?

They claim that the traders could earn up to 500% in daily ROI. But in reality, this is not possible.

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