Bitcoin Equaliser Review – The Truth Behind This Scam App

Is Bitcoin Equaliser legit or a scam? We have done some analysis on the software, and we have found evidence that will prove it is a scam. Like other trading apps, this one claims to be working and can provide high profit to investors. Some reviews might get confused, so make sure you are reading it from a reliable site.

In this review, we have provided you some evidence that will support our claim that it is a scam. Not because a website is well-designed, it is legit. Some want to lure and attract more investors through their website, so be careful.

What is Bitcoin Equaliser?

Bitcoin Equaliser claims to be an auto-trading system to help new and professional traders to generate a profit on the cryptocurrency market. According to them, the system works by leveraging trading signals with their intelligent algorithm.

The app’s algorithm analyses the market and extracts vital data to provide investors the most profitable trades. It will then go through vast amounts of data in record time and read the latest news in real-time. The news and data are then considered during trading.

It may sound legit and working well but do not be blinded by this. You will find out later why you should be impressed by this.

How does it work?

According to the people behind this software, its algorithm will scan the market to identify the best deal. To make the app works, you need to register and sign up first. You need to provide your personal information.

Then you will be asked to deposit $250, the minimum amount required, through the linked broker. You have the option to deposit more if you want a higher profit. Trading with BTC can be lucrative, but the risk is higher. You can either win or lose depending on the settings the present market conditions.

Bitcoin Equaliser promises its investors big profits. There are lots of risks in trading. Do you think this automated software can provide big profits? If this is possible, then those who are into online trading are millionaires.

Why Bitcoin Equaliser is a Scam?

We have mentioned earlier that the Bitcoin Equaliser algorithm is rigged. The future is known already. To attract investors, the software will make you win the first few trades. They will then encourage you to add more to your funds, and the next day they will inform you, you have lost all your funds.

This is what the usual scammers do, so make sure to check carefully before investing. Below are the pieces of evidence we gathered to prove this app is a scam.

Recycled scam

Bitcoin Equaliser Review

This is the main page of Bitcoin Equaliser where the registration form is seen. The site has three versions of its website to confuse people. One has the same video which most scammers have featuring the chief political correspondent of CNN, Jake Tapper. Scammers seem to love Tapper as they continue to use this video. Above are six different cloned websites full of lies. Below are the three versions of their website.

Fake Testimonials

The images of the individuals presented on the testimonials have been used repeatedly, and scammers continue to use them. These are photos taken from a website that offers the free and paid picture you can use to promote your products and services. The reviews provided for Bitcoin Equaliser are not at all legit and reliable. So, if you are not careful enough, you will fall into the trap and lose your money.

Fake reviews

The good reviews you see online for Bitcoin Equaliser are paid reviews. They get commissions once someone clicks on their link posted on their review and sign up. You will see hundreds of these online, so please read our review first before believing the lies of any paid posts.

Authorities have been tracking down not only the scam bitcoin websites but also the sites promoting them. We are asking our readers to be vigilant and avoid investing with 100% reviews that are positive. It is quite suspicious as most of the systems don’t work.


We conclude that the Bitcoin Equaliser is a scam as it is a cloned software and a fraud app. The above evidence proves that you should not trust the site. Those who are considering signing up for this platform should think twice before investing their money. We find it also suspicious as it is anonymous, and we cannot find who is behind the app. If you are one, who got victimized by this software, we want to hear from you. Feel free to comment below.

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Is Bitcoin Equaliser safe?

It claims to be legitimate and safe, but it is not. Do not trust any of the testimonials you find online.

How much can you earn from Bitcoin Equaliser?

The company promises to provide higher profits up to $1500 daily, which is impossible to achieve. Not even the most reliable and legit app cannot offer.

What is the minimum amount to deposit to start trading with Bitcoin Equaliser?

The minimum amount is $250, but you can add more if you want to. We suggest not to invest in this platform as it is a scam and will steal your money.

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