Bitcoin Digital Review – Is It Worth Investing For?

Bitcoin Digital is a new trading robot that claims to provide profit at the cryptocurrency market. Based on the testimonials posted on its website, the robot can produce a maximum gain of $5000 a day in trading. The question is, are they real or one of the scam sites online.

To determine if the site is legitimate or a scam, we have conducted an in-depth review of the sites, and we have found evidence to prove that Bitcoin Digital is a scam.

What is Bitcoin Digital?

Bitcoin Digital is an unregulated web application that uses complex algorithms to perform BTC CFDs trading on behalf of the traders. According to them, their robot analyzes both the quantitative and qualitative data to generate trading signals. The software relays these signals automatically to the broker to implement it.

As we continue with this review, you will notice that this robot looks as if they are working legally, but you will later find out that it’s not.

Bitcoin Digital claims that it is 99% accurate. It relies on AI or Artificial Intelligence technologies and thus can easily adapt to any change in data. Also, with its Natural Language Processing (NLP), it can carry out new trading accurately.

The Bitcoin Digital algorithms scan the markets for any news that will affect BTC prices and position right away before the market does. They claim that they are 0.001 seconds ahead of the markets. Thus, maintaining the 99% win rate. Sounds impressive and legal. You will find out later that it is part of their scheme.

How does it work?

As explained on their website, Bitcoin Digital is free to use software with brokerage companies and sends the signals thru technology shared among brokers. Once the signals are read and deciphered, they can predict the market and boost every trading’s success rate. As a result, an increase in the profit of every trader.

Some brokers may have offered Bitcoin Digital as an added trading tool to help their users carry out trades at an impressive success rate.

Setting up will only take around 20 minutes. After creating an account, a broker will help you choose the best settings and allow you to activate the robot. After activating it, the robot will do the work. You can try the demo mode before you trade using real money. You will be required to make an initial investment of $250 to start trading.

Why Bitcoin Digital is a Scam?

There are lots of complaints about this software, and we are not surprised. After evaluating the software’s different characteristics, we confirm that this auto trading robot is not legal. Below are some of the evidence we have gathered. This part of our review will help you decide whether to trust the software or not.

Cloned/Recycled website

If you visit their website, the first thing that you will notice is their video. It looks familiar as if you have it several times under different company names. Check below nine companies using the same video with the same purpose, to collect money from the poor traders. The number of these scam sites are increasing, so be careful when searching for a trading robot.

Bitcoin Digital Review

If you see a trading site using the same video, stay away from these sites, they are most likely a scam. You might see reviews positive about the site. Sometimes they are letting you win, but you will start losing once you have invested a good amount of money.

Fake testimonials

Don’t be surprised if you see their individuals again and again. Their images are being used online on many websites bearing different names and different fake profits. If these are not yet clear to you that the site is a fraud, what else will prove that it is a scam. You can also check out the Bitcoin Digital comments, so you will know if it is legitimate or scam.

Fake tromotion and not regulated

Is Bitcoin Digital regulated? No, it’s not just like the other scam sites. If you encounter an unregulated website, stay away from it, or you will be sorry.

See how they market their profit? They use different wordings, but they mean one thing, to encourage people to deposit money and eventually steal them.


If you would like to know if BTC Digital is safe, this review shows that it is not, Bitcoin Digital is scam. The fake testimonials, fake promotions, and cloned websites prove that you should not trust this robot trading. There are lots of legal sites online that you can use to help you in trading. If you think this site is reliable, let us know we would like to hear from you. Write your comments below.

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Is Bitcoin Digital a scam?

With the above evidence, we are sure that it is a scam. Plus, it offers “too good to be true” profit that even the most reliable trading robot cannot provide.

How to open an account in Bitcoin Digital?

Go to their website and complete the details needed in the form. You will be asked to make a deposit amounting to $250 as their minimum amount. However, if you want to be sure you can try using digital money via their demo.

Is there a Bitcoin Digital app?

We haven’t found any app for this trading robot online.

How much money can I make with Bitcoin Digital?

For the minimum deposit of $250, you will earn $5000 daily. The amount is quite encouraging, but this is not possible.

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