Bitcoin Compass Review – Helps You Decide Wisely

You might be wondering if Bitcoin Compass is a legitimate site or not. Watching the video on their website could confuse you even more. Don’t fall prey to their marketing tactics. This software is just like thousands of other fake bitcoin robots online and this review will prove it.

The actor in the video is very convincing. He is trying to show that Bitcoin Compass is a reliable trading app. But, once you sign up, you will be redirected to an offshore Forex broker without signals.

Traders who are buying and selling CFDs on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple know that it’s all about the trade timing. You were probably intrigued by the video you watched and want to know if other people are making money using the system. If someone tells you to buy Bitcoin as the value increases, you will profit only if you sell and buy at the right time. If you buy earlier or too late, particularly with a CFD broker, you lose your money

What is Bitcoin Compass?

It is an automated trading platform for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Investors have been using the system regardless of their skills in trading cryptocurrencies. To use the platform, you must deposit the minimum amount before you can start trading and earn a profit daily.

The software is run by trading bots that perform trades automatically for account owners who have deposited and activated the trading feature.

Earning is part of their marketing strategy, but none of them is true. You will lose the money you deposited, and they will encourage you to add more money as you might win next time.

How does it work?

The software promises a lot of things, but it did not mention how it works. This app is one that applies Ponzi schemes. In this investment scheme, the payouts are covered by incoming investments. There are no actual winnings.

In some cases, the system collapses, and it will cause a significant loss. The only one who gains here is the operator since all the money invested goes straight into his hand. Ponzi scheme is not at all recommended and illegal.

Why Bitcoin Compass is a scam?

This is the part of our review where we will show you the proofs. There are lots of reasons why we consider this app a scam. One is that it is not regulated. Which means you will be dealing with bogus trading. Below are pieces of evidence that will prove that the Bitcoin Compass is a scam.

Cloned/Duplicated website

As you can see, both sites belong to Bitcoin Compass. The primary purpose is to attract as many investors as they can. That is why they created two websites with the same objective. Both sites feature the controversial John McAfee discussing how to hit $500k and become the next Bitcoin millionaire.

Bitcoin Compass Scam

McAfee is a computer programmer and businessman. He has been accused of tax evasion in Spain. The site is also a copycat of another scam software, the Bitcoin Victory. It features the same man in its video.

Bitcoin Compass Review

Fake testimonials

The first thing people would check to determine if the app is legitimate or not is the testimonials. Sad to say, even the testimonials of the Bitcoin Compass is also fake. The pictures used on the website reviews are taken from stock photos and used several times in various scam sites. The same individuals were used in Bitcoin Rejoin, another scam from these developers.

Not connected to regulated broker

If you check the broker section of Bitcoin Compass and Bitcoin Victory, you will notice that they are identical. The brokers are not regulated, so don’t expect that you will be earning after getting this message as it is not possible.

Some fake news scam alerts will redirect you to Bitcoin Compass. People usually are interested in different lifestyles or news articles. Upon clicking the ads, you will be redirected to what appears as reliable news websites. But, clicking the links within the new will lead you directly to the site.


Is Bitcoin Compass Safe? No, it’s not. It is one of the scam sites to steal someone’s fund. If you are searching for a legal site that will help you earn big in trading, this is not the website for you.

Bitcoin Compass is scam, the pieces of evidence are presented in this review, and it is up to you to decide if you will trust the app or not.

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Is Bitcoin Compass a scam?

Yes, it is, and traders should not invest in it or lose all their funds.

How do I sign up for Bitcoin Compass?

Visit their website and sign-up for a free trading account using the form, but you cannot start unless you deposited the required amount.

Is there a BitcoinCompass app?

The Bitcoin Compass software is not downloadable on a mobile device as it does not have an app.

How much money can I make with BTC Compass?

Like other scam websites, your $250 investment can help you earn up to $1,000 daily, but this is impossible, so don’t expect to make this amount.

How much does it cost?

You are required to deposit $250 to start using the software. Check out the comments if people are really earning using this trading platform.

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