Bitcoin Champion Review – Scam or Legit?

The first question most cryptocurrency investors would ask is, this app legit or a scam? Bitcoin Champion is not exempted from this kind of questioning. The software claims to be an award-winning platform that uses algorithm protocols. It means that it executes on its own. According to them, its accuracy is 99.4% accuracy, which is too good to be true. 

This post is written to warn people about Bitcoin Champion and how it tries to convince many to invest in their fake program. Is it a scam? Read this review and find out for yourself if it is a scam or legit. 

What is Bitcoin Champion?

Bitcoin Champion claims to be a reliable trading software that helps investors trade and make profits without doing anything. It works with intelligent technology that uses Artificial Intelligence. The platform is easy to use, and according to them, they are one of the best trading apps in the market. 

How does it work?

The software offers low minimum deposits to attract more people to invest. Upon depositing the needed amount, you will be forwarded to a broker with a questionable record. According to the app developer, the broker will do the trading, and all you need to do is wait. Their target is new traders who have less knowledge and experience in trading cryptocurrency.

Why Bitcoin Champion is a scam?

There are lots of reasons why we believed that Bitcoin Champion is a scam. But, we only picked three of the most reasons to include in this review. These are enough proof to support our statement that it is a fraud app. A legitimate or reliable app would not dare to claim the impossible things. Below are three obvious reasons why we consider this platform a fraud. 

Recycled/Copied scam website

The Bitcoin Champion is an example of a work of lazy developers. Why? Obviously, it uses the template of other recycled scam websites. The video, the wordings, and the designs are all copied. Check out the screenshots of the different fraud sites below. If you are still not convinced that it is a scam, then maybe you have something else in mind. A legitimate trading app would not imitate or copy other website designs. 

Bitcoin Champion

Fake reviews

If you read reviews about a trading app before you trust them, then good for you. But, not all reviews are reliable. You may read a post stating that Bitcoin Champion is not a scam. They may present fake figures to provide an impression to readers that it is a legit site. 

These reviewers are known as affiliates where they can get commissions when someone clicks the Bitcoin Champion link from their sites and sign up. 

Unregulated company

Just like other scammed sites, Bitcoin Champion used fake testimonials. Hundreds of fraud trading sites have used the images on their page. We are also wondering why they are using the same pictures when, in fact, it has been used repeatedly.  It looks like fraudsters are getting lazier these days. Some of you may be familiar with these people, so if you see them featured in other trading apps, the possibility of the site being a scam is higher. 


Without a doubt, Bitcoin Champion is a scam, and you should not trust it. Some of the evidence not included in this review are the fake news and celebrity endorsements. The fact that it promises a 94% winning rate is also impossible to achieve. If you are still not convinced that this site is a scam, you have to be prepared to lose your money. If you want to experience online trading, you can try it using a demo account. 

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Is it safe to invest in Bitcoin Champion?

No, it is not safe to trade using this app because it is a 100% scam. However, if you want to trade using this software, you can do so. But make sure you know the risks involved. 

Is investing in BitcoinChampion profitable?

The fact that it is a fraud site, investing in it could mean losing your money. Bitcoin Champion is designed to steal money from investors, so you need to be very careful. 

Is the software free?

Yes, it is free to open an account. But, you cannot trade without depositing the initial amount required. 

Is BTC Champion a legal site?

No, it is not regulated and is operating illegally. It works with unregulated brokers, so obviously, you are risking your money if you attempt to trade using this app. 

Can I withdraw my Bitcoins from the trading system after I earn a profit?

Sad to say, this is not possible. According to them, they convert your earnings to the local currency and transfer them to your bank account. But, this could not happen since Bitcoin Champion is a fraud system. Even if you earn, they will not allow you to withdraw and make excuses. 

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