Bitcoin Blueprint is Scam! Crypto Software Review

Has someone you know promised you to become a millionaire by the end of the year through some cryptocurrency website like Bitcoin Blueprint? Or worst, someone you don’t know well told you that  you could earn thousands of dollars each day for signing up to a website?

Are you lost and confused whenever someone starts talking about Bitcoins and what they can and cannot do? Would you like to know more about BitcoinBlueprint software in order to inform yourself and understand how to spot fake softwares?

Continue reading to find out if this is legit, or if Bitcoin Blueprint is scam you would need and want to avoid at all costs!

What is Bitcoin Blueprint?

According to their website, Bitcoin Blueprint is a new and perfectly designed crypto website that claims you will make huge amounts of profit whenever you use their software. You will be earning money automatically once your cryptocurrencies are traded by the software.

And even though we would all love to be millionaires by the end of this year you do have to ask a couple of questions to Bitcoin Blueprint to see if it is a legit scheme.

How much money do you have to invest to become a successful millionaire? Are they offering you a guarantee that you will receive the money? Are they even offering you a guarantee that the money you will be investing will be given back to you at any time?

Bitcoin Blueprint is scam?

In short, yes, Bitcoin Blueprint is scam, and a very dangerous system.

First Proof – Fake users

Whenever you go on the Bitcoin Blueprint website you will soon realize that they offer a set amount of possible sign ups for each day. If you go on the following day this number will be the same. This is an overused marketing tactic that simply wants you to be deceived by thinking you need to sign up now, otherwise your spot will be giving to someone else and you will lose all the money you could be potentially earning.

In fact, even their website lacks confidence. We agree that not all websites are created the same or made to look pretty as they are often created to be functional, but we found that the Bitcoin Blueprint website was disorganized and all over the place, and if a website is a reflection of that company then we do not want to be part of that.

Second Proof – Unregulated brokers

Do a quick online search to see whether Bitcoin Blueprint has a license or are regulated brokers…you will discover, however, that they do not appear on those searches, because they do not have the proper documentation to be involved in dealings of this kind.

If you are about to become a crypto investor you need to make sure you are dealing with legit people or agencies…do not work with unlicensed brokers as they will sell you a scam where you will end up losing money, that is a guaranteed fact.

So, ask yourself this question. Would you go to a doctor if you knew he or she did not finish their education and are not legally qualified? It works the same with a license broker – your money will not be safe!

Third Proof – Testimonials

Go on the Bitcoin Blueprint website and you will realize they do not have any real information whatsoever. Who runs the company? Who is in charge of their leadership? What about their customer service? What if you have a problem with their platform? Are you able to communicate with someone that represents Bitcoin Blueprint? If you answered no to any of these questions then we kindly encourage you to rethink about joining a website such as Bitcoin Blueprint.

You need to ask as many real questions as you possibly can, and you need to have some answers. If not, who are you trusting your money to?

Fourth Proof – Software

If you do not know much about cryptocurrencies or online ways of making money, then we strongly encourage you to learn about it first and then decide whether you would like to be a part of a website such as BitcoinBlueprint, or any other company for that matter.

If you sign up to Bitcoin Blueprint Software you will realize that they keep on asking you to make a deposit of any amount of money. They just need you to place the money into the brokerage account but you are then not able to see how the trades occur of how the software works. A real software allows you to configure everything you possibly can in order to meet your needs, and this is done before you make a deposit.

After you read our Bitcoin Blueprint review, we strongly advise you not to give away any money or make any deposit.

Bitcoin Blueprint Review Conclusion

Even though Bitcoin Blueprint offers you to earn ‘’less’’ money than other similar scams, we still think it is a scam and you need to be careful not to give them your money.

As a trader you need to make sure you could follow your trading signals and accuracy at all times, this is the least you could do with a software, especially if you are investing any amount of money…and companies like Bitcoin Blueprint must be able to provide you with any necessary information you ask about.

Please, be aware that there are many scams out there that are always trying to take your money away from you. Do not hesitate to ask all the relevant questions to these websites and see how they reply…if their answers convince you, then go ahead and sign up, invest some money and see what happens.

Whenever you talk about money or whenever you want to invest money onto something you need to make sure everything is laid out beforehand. This will save you problems in the long run.

We have skipped signing up for Bitcoin Blueprint as we think it’s a scam and we do not want to be losing money in an unnecessary way.

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To date, we have settled more than 3,000 trading disputes and we won’t stop until the point that we set each and every scam out of the trading industry.

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