BitBots is Scam! HYIP Scheme Review

This comprehensive Bitbots review will reveal the lies and deception. We are sure that most of you are looking for a reliable review. You have come to the right page. This in-depth review will expose and reveal the malicious act of this HYIP scam. We suggest that you should not give a single penny to this good for nothing Bitcoin scam app.

Investors will not regret reading our Bitbots review and one will surely thank us later when you discover all their lies and how much money you could have saved by not investing anything with this fraud company. Bit Bots is focusing on new investors and encourage them to sign up. There are lots of people who lost their money because they did not read the review first before signing up.

If one already signs up and probably have used bitcoin to fund your account, prepare yourself you might lose all of it and one will not be able to reclaim a single penny from it. Scam software prefers to accept bitcoin deposits since it is untraceable and it is not allowed for dispute. Make sure not to commit the same mistake. As you continue reading this Bitbots review, users will learn some tips on how to keep yourself protected against these scams. Let’s check out how dangerous is. You probably have read somewhere that claims they offer bitcoin mining services but the truth is they are not.

Bitbots is Scam – Three Evidences

Let’s find out if Bitbots really owns or operates any mining machinery. After our thorough investigation we have found out that they does not own any mining or equipment facilities. This is an essential factor because it only proves that everything they claim is a lie. investment is a fraud mining service. They cannot provide proof about their transaction and them owning anything.

According to BitBots developer once you make a deposit, your money will be invested into the rental of a mining machine that will right away start collecting bitcoin for you. The higher your investment, the higher your earnings will be. What they offer is very enticing to some but it is not easy to convince all. Many people wants to mine for bitcoin but only few can afford the high costs of such process. You need a sophisticated computer program to mine for BTC and a high output of electricity. If one knows what you are doing, one will get good rewards for mining.

If one thinks BitBots is legit, continue reading our thorough review and find out.

First Evidence – Unknown Owner/Developer

They were not able to provide the name of the owners or developers of this app. If you search for its registration in Google, there is no information available. It only means that whoever developed the site is hiding or does not want to be known. If their mining service is really that successful, how come BitBots is hiding their identity. One of the reasons why they are hiding their real identity is because they know that their website is a hoax. Another reason would be so that people would not know who to pursue. is a HYIP or high yield investment program scam. It encourages people to invest by pretending that the company is a legit bitcoin mining company that will mine coins for you as your profits. Sometimes they do pay but BitBots is doing this only to encourage the investors to increase their investment.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

Just like other scam software Bitbots hired actors from to act as happy Bit Bots users. You can easily check these individuals on the said site and you will see that they are paid for a reasonable price. If this is app can help people to earn big in bitcoin then why do they have to hired someone to act as a satisfied user.

They can present the proof of profits of their investors if BitBots is legit. Obviously, they are not.

Third Evidence – Fake Address

If you search in Google the address given by BitBots you will discover that it belongs to two companies. One is BitBots and the other is Doover. Actually, the address does not exist at all. The address is provided to make the website look legit and real. But if you try to search for it you won’t be able to locate it in the map.

This is another red flag for this software. Also Bitbots uses the address in UK since it is much easier to register a company. The said country does not require tons of documents in order to get registered.

BitBots Review Conclusion

This complete review proves that BitBots is scam. Having an unknown owner/developer, fake testimonies and fake address are indications that this app is nothing but a scam. We suggest that you should not spend a single penny on this investment company or you will be sorry. There are lots of people who have lost a huge amount of cash and you don’t want this to happen to you. Before you decide make sure that you have done your research so you  will know which is the legit software.

If you find this BitBots review helpful to you, feel free to share it with others.

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