Binrobot Lady is Scam! Important Review

This comprehensive Binrobot Lady review will expose the lies and deception. This software is designed supposedly to help traders but in reality it’s not. The scammers behind this application are only after your personal information and your funds. This new binary options trading program by Abi is the latest scam software. We believe that it has been lying from the start and has been successful in getting the attention of many traders.

The website is not the most professional we have ever seen. We have found out thru this review that Binrobot is some kind of an Android robot mascot named Abi that makes auto trading simple and profitable. Thinking that Binrobot Lady is an investment opportunity we think it’s best to trust a professionally designed web page than one with a robot mascot. If a trader analyzes the program thoroughly, one will notice it’s similar to Option Robot as well as with other automated apps. These applications claim to provide three various platforms, the martingale system, Fibonacci system and the classic system.

Aside from that, each of these automated app claim to applies a handful of various indicators some of which includes the Trend, Williams, Stochastic, RSI, MACD and CCI. These are some of the most popular indicators used in the Forex industry. They are very powerful and can be applied in the binary options industry and also to identify the right trade entries and exits. It’s because these indicators are into a trading system it does not mean that the system will use them in the appropriate way. Those who are into Forex and binary options industry think that they have the strategy, because without it the indicators are useless.

These indicators have the ability to determine profitable opportunities with great accuracy. Members of this system can select one or multiple technical indicators at the same time. For instance, if prefer CCI then Abi will trade with the use of CCI technical indicator. To make things clear to you, we will explain to you briefly the difference between each of the strategy. If the trader prefers Martingale as your financial management setting, Abi will double the amount invested after the losing trade. For those who prefer Fibonacci, the program will double the investment after each winning trade. Also, if you want the classic Abi will trade with a fixed amount. The application is free of charge – you don’t have to pay anything upfront or every after interval. You only need to sign up and they will assign one of their brokers and make deposit.

Binrobot Lady is Scam – Three Evidences

This comprehensive Binrobot Lady review will serve as a warning, do not trade with this app, this is a scam. This software can trade manually or automatically or simply generate signals. It does not matter how you trade both is allegedly profitable, the profits are also guaranteed. As mentioned above it is free, thus you can generate money for free and by simply doing nothing.

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Very impressive, right? Don’t get too excited here are some evidences that will prove Binrobot Lady is scam.

First Evidence – Scam Software

Sad to say, this software is one of many scams. Binrobot Lady is a fake robot that provides fabricated results. It uses a scam software, which is a system that anybody can purchase, add a new name on it and then trick people with it. Check other examples of other binary options scam systems that use the same platform, like Aram Binary Options, Option Robot, or Raptor Robot. The most dangerous thing about this software is that it uses fake demo with fake results and thus when you test the application, one will see the profits increasing fast.

However, they are fake because they do not use the actual prices on the demo. And if you were not able to notice this dirty trick right away and you allow Abi to trade with your dollars, don’t expect that you can still withdraw your cash, because you cannot fake the actual price.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

To continue with our Binrobot Lady review, as you scroll down in website you will see the images and some fabricated information about the three users of the app. According to Alexander he was in search for a quality application that will help him earn money on trading. And he thought he found one with He also mentioned that it is the best program in trading at auto mode. He also added that within a few hours after trading with small amount, you can accumulate a few hundred dollars.

The testimonials is the primary proof provided by the developers. One will see a ticker that shows trades is happening frequently but you cannot verified them because the prices are not shown. If you will request for access to a trading statement, you will not get any information about it.

Third Evidence – Unknown Developer

Our review found out that they only provided the name of the program which is Abi, but they did not mention who the real developers are. Obviously, the scammers are hiding their real identity and it is an indication that we are dealing with fraud software. A legit and honest program provides information about the developers, so people will know how reliable they are. One way of determining the legitimacy of a software is thru its owner and or developer. We suggest that you should not trust any program with unknown developers. This is the main purpose of this review to reveal the truth.

Binrobot Lady Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that this auto trading system is a scam. The fake trading results, unknown developers, and scam platform are all indications that we are dealing with a fraud. This review has shown you enough proofs that Binrobot Lady is scam and you should not entrust your funds or you will be sorry.

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