BinBot Pro is Scam! Warning Review

We noticed that most of the BinBot Pro reviews are favoring the robot. But based on our initial investigation we found nothing unique about it and we think it is a scam. We have written this Binbot Pro review to open up the eyes of those who are blinded by what the app can provide. At first, we are having doubts whether this system is legit or not but after our thorough investigation we are 100% sure this robot is a scam.

Before we enumerate the signs that Binbotpro is a fraud, we will first present to you how the system works. There are some people who have received an invitation email from this software. If you sign up already be prepare to lose everything you have invested. Binbot Pro is automated trading software designed to perform trades on auto-mode without human intervention. It offers built in tactics like Bolly Band Bounce and Rising East V1.2. These features are also used by other systems and in most cases they do not work. The app offers binary options but they are not offering get-rich fast scheme just like what other scam robot does. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are legit.

As we continue with our Binbot Pro review and visited website we have noticed that their platform looks familiar. But we didn’t focus on that and proceed with our review. According to them they design Bin Bot Pro in a way that is easy for investors. They simplified everything so that you can easily decide on which underlying assets you should trade and which robot to use.

BinBot Pro is Scam – Three Evidences

BinBot Pro platform is 100% web-based which means you can use it conveniently without worrying about the file that will use up space on your hard drive as well as on your mobile device. Thus accessing the app only requires your login details and you are now ready to place your first trade. Below are evidences to prove that this app is just another scam like other software.

This trading system is different from others. It requires a minimum deposit depending on your chosen robot. Some robots have different trading techniques with this app each trading strategy has different name and its own robot. The Gold Robot known as the Neuroscanner v3.0 requires $3,000 as the minimum deposit to work with one of the two brokers. The Silver robot known as the Bolly Band Bounce requires $1,000 as their minimum deposit. While the Bronze robot has the least amount to deposit at $250 and is referred to as Strong US v2, Bladerunner and Rising East V1.2.

First Evidence – Anonymous Developer

It was never mentioned in who develop this system. One of the most important thing most traders are looking for in a trading app is the developer or the owner. But this one forgot to mention their developer or even their CEO. Would you trust an app with unknown developer definitely not. If you want to take the risk, you can do so but accept the fact that you will be losing a lot of money when it start to trade. A legit system would be very proud to introduce the person responsible in developing the scheme. So, this is an obvious indication that this platform is a scam but some reviews are trying to justified why they did not mention anything about the owner. For us and based on our review, not divulging the name of the owner is an indication of a scam app.

Second Evidence – Fake Awards

Upon checking, we found out that these awards do not exist at all. We have searched for The Best Binary Robot Award and it looks like that there is no organization that sponsor such recognition. This is the same with Tech Finance. It was created for the sake of making the software looks legit and reliable. But unfortunately, it does not work for us. If other review sites think this is not important, for us it is an act with the purpose of misleading the people. If interested investors or the new traders did not bother to check on this, then the scammers win. We strongly suggest that people should not depend only on the one review. They should check it on their own.

Third Evidence – No Proof of Profits

BinbotPro was launched on July 7, 2016. They have been in the trading market for almost 7 months. If BinbotPro is a legit app as what they claim, then they should have shown proofs that it’s working. A short video of a successful user is enough to prove that it really works. But as we explore we cannot find anything that will prove it is really generating money. If this is really working how come there is no testimonial from their successful users. This could attract more people to invest.

BinBot Pro Review Conclusion

This review proves that BinBot Pro is a scam. The unknown developers, fake awards, lack of proof of earnings, misleading information, vague website, and others are clear indications that it is a scam. If you want to protect your hard-earned money make sure that you stay away from this scheme.

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