BinaTrust is Scam! An Honest Review

This thorough BinaTrust review will reveal and bare all the lies hidden in this scam. This system is the newest software for producing and distributing binary and forex signals. After receiving several complaints about Bina Trust we decided to make a review to determine whether or not this application is a scam or not. Your decision to sign up will depend on these signals, thus if they are not accurate and trusted it will be considered as scam and one will lose more trades.

Before you take further action it is best to read this comprehensive BinaTrust review from start to finish. Bina Trust is established by a team of algo trading experts and hedge fund traders. operates with their personal finances. There are no evidences to prove that the owners of this scheme are real individuals.

BinaTrust uses mathematical models together with Al programs for the objective of assessing charts, financial and economic data, and financial news. They utilize these calculating abilities to making the trading. According to Bina Trust, you can receive 150 alerts per day using this platform. They offer an auto pilot feature that enables the app to do the trading on your behalf. According to them their winning rate is around 78%, although they were not able to prove it. We recommend you consider only those claims that are proven and those with evidence.

This new software has very little background information. This is not advisable for you to register for a trading app that does not provide enough information how it works. Also, signals they offer might be randomly generated. This may result to losses. Generally, it’s not a good idea to deposit $250 with platform that is not verified or was not able to prove that it’s actually working. BinaTrust relies on pressure tactics to force you to register. They would display in their website that there is only a few spot left so you need to act fast. This is just their way of forcing you to sign up, to make you believe that you will miss on something if you do not act fast.

BinaTrust is Scam – Three Evidences

This complete BinaTrust review will prove how this scheme is trying to trick people so they can steal their money. All their claims are lies. This part of our BinaTrust review will present evidences and proof that you should not trust this application.

Most of their claims were just copied from other scam sites thinking that they could easily trick people if they use the usual platform that many people are familiar with. We will try to scrutinize this software and present to you the clear indication that BinaTrust is nothing but a scam.

First Evidence – Fake Testimonials

All the testimonials that you see in their BinaTrust website are all lies. The social media posts and feeds are all fabricated. This can be proven easily. If you research those pictures, you will find that their Facebook profiles are fake. When it comes to outside support, this app does not have any. If you search them using all search engines you will not be able to find positive reviews about the system. Obviously, because all people who tried this trading app have lost their money.

BinaTrust also claims that they are being endorsed by Forbes Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, and CNN but this is a big lie. These well-known sites would never endorse platform such as this one. Upon checking we have found out that there are no posts in Forbes that mentioned this scam.

Second Evidence – Free to Use and Unregulated Brokers

If people see that the BinaTrust service is being offered for free, they usually grab it right away without even thinking. The news that it can generate a huge amount of money overnight spread fast plus the fact that it is being offered for free, this app definitely has stolen a lot of money. Even if it says it’s for free, you still need to deposit the minimum amount which $250. What will happen with your money? Nothing. One will lose all the dollars that you deposited. The broker associated with this system will get the money once the client loses. Never trust a system with unknown and unregulated brokers.

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Third Evidence – Unknown Developers

They claim that the system is being managed by 6 professional hedge fund traders. If these professionals are for real then why they forgot to mention the names of these experts so it will look more reliable. The truth is that there is no name to divulge because this is just a fictitious storyline with no real identities. Their story line is likewise not real and fictitious. Also, the video presentation and their website are cheap, unreliable and short.

Thus, it’s hard to trust a system. Definitely, the majority of the hedge traders who handle other people’s money do not put their money in BinaTrust.

BinaTrust Review Conclusion

This review proves that BinaTurst is scam and you should stay away from it. There are lots of questionable claims and people should not trust them right away. We recommend that people should read this comprehensive BinaTrust review first before you take further action. How the system can generate money is not explained clearly. These indications are signs that this software is a scam.

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