Binary Trading Robot is Scam! Critical Review

This comprehensive review allegedly developed by Max Taylor will prove that Binary Trading Robot is scam. At the early stage of our review we can initially say this robot is a scam. It is not a good idea to trade binary options using this program. According to their website they put up this company to help aspiring investors to generate profits. They will never charge the investor any fees for copying their trades and working together with their professional trader. In short, they are offering their service for free. But let’s check if this system is really free or just a promotional add to attract traders to sign up.

They are claiming that signing up is free and you don’t have to pay not even a single cent. Sounds encouraging and legit but wait until you reach the later part of this Binary Trading Robot review. According to Max Taylor the company works like a trading fund, but one that is easily accessible by ordinary individuals.

After joining them for free, and have discussed the process with their professional trader, you can start earning right away. After making money consistently for 6 months, you will be asked to share 10% of your profit that you have withdrawn to your account. It means that if you choose not to withdraw your profits yet, you can continue building your wealth, until it’s time for you to withdraw it.

Binary Trading Robot is Scam – Three Evidences

This part of our comprehensive Binary Trading Robot review will reveal the reasons why we consider this as scam. Our review will open up your eyes in some of the worst part of this system and you should stay away from this. If the three evidences are not enough proof that this robot is scam wait until you read this review from start to finish.

If you visit website, you will learn this scheme is actually not about the robot. It supposed to be about learning from an expert in binary trader that can help traders to achieve a 7-figure income. As mentioned above, you can easily get this free of charge, because when someone makes millions, he shares his knowledge without asking any fee to others. We discovered this service simply wanted to develop the top trading business while providing an easy to access high return investment opportunity for individuals who do not have the sort of access millionaires and billionaires have.

This is the reason why Max Taylor and his partner put up a team of professionals to work together to help deliver this successful investment opportunity without the need of paying for it. According to Max Taylor earn once their members wins and have proven themselves. They also claim that your investment is protected, which makes this almost risk free. The main purpose of this company is to help you earn an exceptional profit in the binary options industry by giving you the chance to copy the trades of the company’s in-house professional Binary Trader who has many years of trading experience.

First Evidence –  Risk Free and Assured Trading

Keep in mind there is no such thing as free, not even on binary options. Thus, if someone promises you to generate a million for free, you should be very careful about this scam. Then you have the supposed insurance policy to keep your losing trades protected which is an impossible thing in actual trading. In reality, the trading losses the normal part of your outcomes. The technique is to have more winners than losers, that is all trading all about. So, if somebody tells you that you are insured against losing, and for free, you are dealing with a scam, thus you need to stay away from him. Particularly, it is comes from an anonymous party with no contact details.

Second Evidence – Trading During Weekends – Impossible

If one is into trading, you are aware that the market is open only during weekdays. So how come that they have results during weekend. Take a look at trading result, October 2, 2016 is a Sunday and how come they have results during this day and come to think of it they have won all the tradings. Quite suspicious and questionable and also the payout is very high and it’s not possible. Clearly, this is an indication that the system is a scam and you should not trust website. Again there is no such thing as winning all the time, if the robot claims they are then it’s a fake website.

Third Evidence – Fake Owner and It is not Free

Max Taylor is a fraud character created by the scammers behind this robot. They need someone to represent the system so they created this fictitious personality. If you search online, you will not be able to find any information about Max Taylor. Also, there is another scam software that uses the same name as their CEO and developer. Another important point is that this is very probable that after you join the software you will be asked to open an account with chosen broker and deposit money to his account. That is only the time you can use the program. And once you use it, they will tell you that you have lose your money. Thus, if someone asked for a deposit, you can be certain that it is a scam. You need to be very careful when using a trading robot. You need to check the results on a demo with a registered broker.

Binary Trading Robot Review Conclusion

This thorough Binary Trading Robot review proves that this robot is nothing but a scam. The evidences above prove this robot is like other fraud application that only has one thing in mind to steal your money. Never trust a software with unknown owner and those that claim a risk-free trading, definitely these are dirty tactics to entire traders to sign up. Also, there is no such thing as free so be careful when you see one.

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