Binary Today Secret is Scam! Full Review

This comprehensive Binary Today Secret review will expose the lies and deception hidden in their The website is just like other software except it does not have a promotional video. Maybe the scammers behind this scam don’t have enough time to create a video so they decided not to add it. We have conducted a thorough research about this app but we don’t find enough info about it. The only thing that we were able to find is a review that agrees to us that it’s a scam. There are older scams that are believed to be similar to this scam like Binary Secret and BinaryTodayTrader. They have shut down and some think that is being revived thru this software. It looks like the scammers behind these two scams are also the one responsible for BinaryTodaySecret.

We are sure that most of these scam website are just recreated or recycled versions of the previous scams. The fraudsters did not bother to develop new scheme for their app. All they do is copy the old ones and change the color, names and logo. Our initial investigation about this app shows that this software is a scam due to the following reasons. One is that if the user explores their website trader will not be able to find important information like customer service information, company history, technical support info or address.

Before you make further action, we suggest that you read our Binary Today Secret review first to help you decide

Binary Today Secret is Scam – Three Evidences

As we continue with our review, we will present to you the evidences to prove is a scam. According to them by using the software, the user will not just win trades, he will dominate them. One of their claim is that one will win by a large margin after minutes. The strategy applied by this software is based on the technical analysis of market prices. The app operates believing that as the time pass by the trend will go upwards or downwards and will produce a trade signal.

They claim to be regulated or licensed but we cannot find any information that will prove they are licensed by CySEC. Let us remind you, trading with this platform or unregulated brokers is not safe and wise. Your investment will not be safe with unregulated software. If one wants to try to trade with a system that is unlicensed, you are putting yourself at risk. Keep in mind, trade only with regulated and legit company that is known to be safe and reliable.

In the succeeding parts of our Binary Today Secret review we will present to you the evidences proving this app is definitely a scam.

First Evidence – Unregulated Brokers

The Binary Today Secret app promises that you can choose your own broker. However, this is not true, one will be forced to register with one of their unregulated brokers, thus they cannot be trusted. Once you have deposited the required minimum amount of $250, the depositor will never hear from them again. In short, you will lose your money that fast. Also, they will sell your personal information like email, credit card info and name to other scam websites. As soon as you enter your email info, you will be spammed with emails coming from different scams. One will be exposed to both credit card and identity theft.

Second Evidence – No Guarantees

If you visit, you will read that John Kane claim that you are  guaranteed to win all the time. However, if you read the disclosure at the bottom part of the website you will notice that it’s the other way around. It is a sign that the software is lying. In short, in order to conceal their backsides, they state in their disclosure that anything concerning income or profits, stated is not a guarantee. The actual trading can lead to losses since no trading system is assured. Absolutely a lie, they cannot be trusted. This is as scam practice and definitely Binary Today Secret is scam, not a legit software that you must beware.

Third Evidence – Questionable Price

According to John Kane the software costs is $169. This is definitely a questionable price. A trading system that generates more money and the account grows 30 to 50% per month it would normally cost tens or hundreds of dollars. Consider if you start trading with $10,000 and the first month you produce is $3000 thanks to a trading app. Would this trading system only cost $169? This is not possible. John Kane also claims that the results are verified. But he didn’t mentioned who verified it. It is an empty claim. Maybe it is being verified by third independent party or he John Kane cannot use such statements. At present, there is no proof that it was verified by a third party that the system works in a profitable way.

Binary Today Secret Review Conclusion

This thorough review proves that Binary Today Secret is scam and people should avoid it. The fake claims like guaranteed wins all the time, no proof that it was verified and the weird pricing are enough to say that this system is scam. There are other reasons why we consider this software as scam, like the real identity of John Kane is not known, the profit is impossible and others.

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