Binary Signals Trader is Scam! Warning Review

Are you looking for the most comprehensive Binary Signals Trader review online? You are at the right page. We have written this review to expose the lies and deception. This binary options robot is the latest and is allegedly developed by Simon Russell. According to him the website was launched only this March 2017. We are prompted to review this software to keep the traders protected against this scam. This program is associated with around ten online binary brokers, some are unlicensed and others are licensed. Once a trader signs up to the website, the trader will be automatically assigned to the brokerage account depending on which country they registered.

According to Simon Russell the alleged developer, he used his knowledge and expertise in creating this software. He designed this to provide the most accurate prediction of asset’s direction. By using this app it will be easier to predict how an asset will react as it influenced the market fluctuations. What the software offers is too good to be true, unfortunately this is a lie and we will prove it as you continue reading this review. The main objective of this review is to protect the traders particularly the beginners since this system is targeting the beginners with less knowledge about the trading market. The scheme offers an amazing chance for beginners to improve their funding. It’s easy to be step ahead using this signal provider.

But don’t get too excited. Before you take further action, you should finish reading this Binary Signals Trader review and then decide.

Binary Signals Trader is Scam – Three Evidences

This trading robot considered their software as advanced automated software. Their marketing team has been sending emails vigorously to promote their product that includes link that will take the traders to their website. If you happened to receive their email, your ignore them or if you really want to check out this app then you may click the link. However, there are cases where it contains malware that can harm your PC so make sure that this is free of any harmful virus. According to Simon you can customize your trading software. Once you sign up and log in into your account you will be given different choices for setting up the robot. The enabled options are Daily Investment, Stock Investment, Daily Stop Loss and Currencies investment. You can choose from the two Assets Preferences, popular stocks and currency pairs. Some people choose all, instead of choosing only one asset to test the accuracy of the system.

The above facts are quite impressive and interesting, but are these claims real or are simply made up to attract more people to sign up. You will find out the truth as you continue reading our complete Binary Signals Trader review. One of their interesting features is the free upgrade which lots of people don’t take advantage of. According to them you just need to contact the support via email or live chat and they will activate your Premium Account without additional charge. Sound impressive is it real? Let’s continue with our review.

First Evidence – Fake Developer

The first thing you will notice when you enter their website is the image of this man named Simon Russell. He looks like a professional trader but in reality he’s not. You might be wondering what makes us say that. The alleged Simon is not actually Simon but a fictitious character created by the developers behind this scam. His image was taken from Shutterstock, thus he is not a real expert trader. Also, we could not find any data about him or anything that will prove his claim. This only proves that Simon Russell is not a real person and the trading signals are created by the scammers behind this application. Thus you should not trust this app.

Second Evidence – Questionable Brokers

We want to further investigate how reliable the software is, but after signing up we were asked to deposit the minimum amount needed for the broker to activate the app. However, we were not happy when we found out that they are working with unregulated broker. So, don’t believe them, this robot is not free. It only means that the people who operate this scam want you to begin trading using real money, which is very risky. And since you are being pushed to work with a particular broker they prefer, it is obvious that they are getting a commission from the broker for giving them new clients. Actually, this is their main purpose why they put up this scheme. The scammers behind this app do not need to work hard to earn money, they only need to convince more people thru their robot and they will earn thru commissions.

Third Evidence – Unreal Profits

They are claiming an 86% winning ratio. Sounds very impressive, but wait as to what we know there is no software that can have a win-loss ratio this high. It’s impossible not today or the coming years. Since trading is unpredictable and it involves winning and losing therefore it is impossible to achieve such ratio. Not even the most legit and advance software can do this. The fraudsters are doing this to attract more people to sign up.

Binary Signals Trader Review Conclusion

This in-depth review proves that this application is nothing but a scam. It is just like other scam programs that are only after the trader’s money. Luckily you have found our review. You will not get victimized by this scam. The evidences above only prove that Binary Signals Trader is scam.

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