Binary Robot Pro is Scam! Trading Software Review

This review will substantiate that Binary Robot Pro is scam. It will not be long, another scam will be revealed. This is one of the reasons why we have devised this review. This software has restricted, inadequate and limited information. However, we are exasperating our effort and doing our best to provide, stipulate, and deliver to public the idea, information and details on how this bot works and what it offers.

If you have intentions on trying out this tool but have doubts concerning the authenticity of software, you should read this Binary Robot Pro review. This is simply another trading app that is probably working on a limited budget. As compared to other scam websites, it lacks the traditional promotional video with a smiling millionaire trying to impress the public with his luxurious cars, houses and his extravagant vacation. And all of his richest is because he trades using this fake app. Our review centers on the how capable this fraud robot to collects as much money as they can from innocent and novice traders. Although this is not as technical as compared to other scam, still the fact remains that it was technologically advanced to fool people.

Actually, having a promotional video is not solely seen on scam systems but likewise on legitimate and legal buy and sell application. What we are trying to point out is that this scheme lacks the necessary information such as who are the individuals or group behind this technique. Definitely, this is not the sort of binary bot that traders would prefer to put their funds with.  This program works based on the so-called Artificial Neural Network. The instigated network utilizes eight various categories of indicators to forecast market movements and evaluate available data. This robot focuses and center it’s transaction on FX currency pairs. This limits the traders. Legit, trusted and dependable binary options robots offer investments in all the categories – stocks, commodities, currency and indices and not just one. This review will depict the flaws and frauds involved in this schematic particularly how the scammers reposition to collect cash from poor investors.

Another factor that bothered us is the limited information and inadequate explanation concerning how the robot assembles the profitable calculations. According to this robot it can postulates 500 signals each day and offer 3 different methods to trade. Therefore, this robot claims for itself as the most adaptive representation in the industry. Definitely, we disagree with this statement. Providing so many signals in a single day is a good thing but there is no evidence to support their claimed accuracy and success rate of 89%. There are lots of unanswered questions circulating around this con robot and we feel that the application is not at all a good stratagem to recommend. During our comprehensive, thorough and in-depth review we have decided not to recommend this platform basically because of the obvious warnings that this program poses. If you are not conscious you will be putting your hard-earned dollars at risk.

Binary Robot Pro is Scam – Three Evidences

In this Binary Robot Pro review we will explain why should stay away with this scam. If you visit their website, you can clearly read that it is a fully automated app that can trade binary options. It can supposedly generate around 500 signals each day, which is equivalent to 89% winning rate. Let’s check how they calculate the profit. The investors will be asked to deposit $500 and $10 will be invested on each transaction. On the first day, it can make 500 trades, 55 losing, 445 are winning. The profit will be around $3010.

So, in the first day of doing business you can earn six times your deposit. This is ridiculous. What this exchange software claim are all fiction. More of a science fiction and a money-making scam this is an absolute lie. The majority of scam softwares utilizes this sort of fake computations precisely to encourage and persuade traders to sign up. This app is affiliated with all the brokers that you can see on their list, however they are not licensed. The owner of this software will get paid each time somebody signs up for the software and then send the funds to a trading account.

First Evidence –  89% Winning Rate

This app promises 500 signals per day with 89% winning ratio. As mentioned above you will invest $500 and invest in each trade $10. You will generate around $3010 net profit on the first day only. Of course this profit is ludicrous. All the numbers they have presented are fiction. It is impossible for this software to earn this amount, not even the most reliable structure can do this. Clearly this method is full of lies. The most disgusting part of this hoax software is that it offers fake demo results. It uses old losing trades to win to make it looks reliable and profitable. But in reality it is not. If you try it using real money, you will lose all your cash. A winning rate this high will not impress the traders rather it will make your platform looks suspicious and dubious that will prompted people to stay away. Even the most dependable and trusted software cannot promise winning rate this high.

Second Evidence – Unregulated Brokers

The robot owners are with all the agents that you can see on their list. However, these negotiators were not at all licensed. Thus, they are all fake brokers pretending to be someone who is an expert in buy and sell but actually they are all deceitful. Every time an investor signs up in the plan with one of their stockbrokers, they get paid and the rest of your money will directly goes to the software owner and to a merchandising account. The investor will not receive anything whether he wins or loses the trading. Thus, the main objective of this app is to encourage, persuade and entice the investor to sign up and open an account and deposit funds with a partner broker so the scammers will earn a good commission. So they make false promises to the public about getting rich using the app which in actuality is losing money. It is required for a trading platform to partner or work together with a group of regulated brokers. These stockbrokers are the one who will handle the transactions and collects fees from the funds invested by traders.

Third Evidence – Unknown Owner and Developer

Who would invest on a system with unknown developer and owner? Some with less experience and knowledge about trading might have the possibility to put their money in this scam program but the percentage is only minimal. With the present technology where in with merely a click of your hand you can get all the information that you need, scammers will have a hard time inviting people to invest on their arrangement. People are more careful these days as compared before. Some can be that careless sometimes that they want to earn more right away and sign up without thinking or making a research. But as we mentioned earlier the percentage is only minimal. If you check out the website of this scheme, you will find nothing valuable into it. Not even the name of its developer or maybe someone who have helped developed this scheme were not mentioned. During our investigation we have found out that the system was adapted from the other scam system. Our Binary Robot Pro review attempts to expose the scammers behind this structure but we were not able to determine who they are. The fact remains an application with unknown developers is nothing but a scam.

Binary Robot Pro Review Conclusion

After thorough analysis of the system our Binary Robot Pro review has found out that this robot is a fake. The indications of being scam app are all there. During our review we have list down the signs to prove that this app is nothing but a scam. First it has vague and empty website. Second it lacks information of how the system really works. And no name were given as to who developed this platform.

These are obvious signs that Binary Robot Pro is Scam. This platform is merely another fake scheme designed by fraudster to profit on their own at the expense of others. Sadly, the number of these fraud structures are increasing thus you need to be more observant and make sure you are always updated on what is the latest and the things that are outdated.  It is important that system will not stress you out and it should be helpful

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