Binary Robot 365 is Scam! Trading Software Review

Looking for the most accurate BinaryRobot365 review online? You definitely come to the right page. This review will prove that the negative fact you hear and read about this app is true. In short Binary Robot 365 is scam and we will prove it to you in this review. Before we proceed on the part why we consider it as scam, it is best if we check out first the application’s platform and how it works. is a popular site that offers their service on auto mode. This is based on the original robot which was developed in Europe several years ago. The developers are working together with more than 10 brokers, and an intelligent investor will pick a regulated broker to work with. The good thing about this software is that you can play around with it in demo mode.

Because of the popularity of this software, writing a review is not that hard at all. According to them their system is different from the other trading systems. If some scam applications are sending spam email, and creating flashy videos, this trading system is different you can see it means business. One of their convincing tactics is that the user can choose multiple options to configure and control the robot. Likewise, they claim that they worked with licensed European brokers.

Binary Robot 365 is Scam – Three Evidence

This application was launched in the first quarter 2016 and it was designed by a group of experts who collectively add in their effort. They were persuaded to design an advance platform with the latest algorithmic system. In a short period of time, it has achieved a reputable name in this industry. According to them its popularity is not because of its name but because it has very high standard. They offer several unique features that others don’t have, besides having an auto trading signals this scheme also offers you with manual signals so you can trade on your own if you choose to.

The most common complaints that you will see at binary options forum are about unregulated brokers, who are associated with scam robots. This Binary Robot 365 review will determine if the platform is working with licensed brokers or not. Most of scam apps like to promote that they have 97% accuracy, and that you are assured to generate money if you use the application. The investor will setup their own trading scheme, and thus, no two individuals will have the same result. If one trader picks, EUR/USD and another trader choose AUD/USD, it’s impossible to have the same result. This is the reason why it’s a popular scheme. You need to set it up on your own.

First Evidence – Fake Results

The truth is that Binary Robot 365 is a scam. It will not help you earn a lot, because it’s losing software. This white label software is used by different binary options scam robots, check out the picture to compare it with other scam apps like Optibin Robot, Pip365 and Option Robot. Developers of fraud app buy it again and again, they only change the names. We know some individuals that have tried this software, thus we are sure that it is a losing application.

This app has a demo feature, which is not working in Binary Robot 365, and it provide fakes results. This is the riskiest aspect of this app, when they allow you use their demo, it will display profits, but they are all fake. In actual trading using real money the results are completely opposite. Traders are often tricked by this app’s demo and let it trade using real money, but then they lose it.

Second Evidence – Fake Reviews and Testimonials

The above screenshot of the top ten users you see in their website are very plain and it does not support their claim that these individuals were actually earning using the app. The winning rates are also impossible to achieve since trading is a win-lose transaction. If these individuals are for real the website should at least show their images and will provide some information about them. These are all fabricated and lies, a legit application are proud of what their users have earned so they would post it on their website to encourage others to sign up. In this case, they are doing this to trick people. Make sure that before you sign up and make a deposit thoroughly read our Binary Robot 365 review to check the software if it is legit or not.

Third Evidence – Fake Certifications

If you click on register, you will be redirected on the registration page where you will see a fake seal that states “Best Robot 2016, Guaranteed Performance.” The truth is that it was only placed there to attract more people and to make it look legit. The Binary Robot 365 app actually one of the worst systems and these scammers can’t assure anything. For those who are not aware, legit software does mention on their website that trading risky, or may include phrase that states that your capital is at danger. This is the kind of disclaimer you should look into since it is both realistic and fair.

Binary Robot 365 is Scam – Conclusion

Without a doubt this application is a scam and this Binary Robot 365 review can prove it. There is no such thing as 95% winning rate. Not even the most legit application can achieve this percentage. Obviously, this system is trying to make their presentation as flawless as possible to make it even more attractive to many people. Sad to say it does not work for us. The above mentioned evidences are enough for us to conclude this program is a scam.

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