Binary Options Millionaire is Scam! Real Review

This thorough Binary Options Millionaire review will prove that this application is a scam. The system is presented by Clark. The scammers are also starting to introduce new software that will help traders to earn money but in reality they cannot provide anything at all. The anonymous Clark launched this software early this year and promise to help the novice traders to earn more and become successful in binary options trading.

Unfortunately, it’s a lie he is telling you this to encourage and persuade people to join the system. Before you make further action, we suggest that you read this Binary Options Millionaire review first so you will get protected. The video begins with news clips, video testimonials and interviews. All of these things do not prove that it’s really working. It only means that the one who created the BO Millionaire scam wants to make the platform look legit and professional so they can attract more people. Detecting which is legit or not are sometimes quite confusing, that is why we are here. We make sure that our review is supported by evidences so it will be easier for our readers to decide. The promotional video of this scam is edited to make it look real.

How the system works? People want to know how this system works and if what Clark claims is real. According to him the platform is a profitable binary options app that helped him earn more than a million dollars in just a few months. In a promo video for this software, the person behind this application is only known as Clark. There is no last name given. He is offering the system that helped him become a millionaire for free to the public.

Binary Options Millionaire is Scam – Three Evidences

This comprehensive Binary Options Millionaire review will present the evidences that will confirm it’s a scam and people should avoid this application. It is an affiliate marketing program that uses Clicksure marketing network, where you can sign up for free. There are no relevant details about the program commission percentage programs. Scammers think that people are stupid that they can easily fool them particularly when it comes to getting rich fast. Below are evidences that will prove that this robot will not do good for you and you should stay away from it.

The webpage is registered under a private registration company. The Terms and Conditions of the website is under the control of Rishon Lezivon, which leads us to think that the company is situated within that country. This app is an automated binary options trading scheme that allegedly has a high level of accuracy in forecasting winning trades. The robot is free to access the trading bot, but it will ask you to deposit the minimum amount of $250 to the broker recommended by the company. It is not mentioned whether the brokers are regulated or not.

First Evidence – Fake Testimonials

The first thing that you will notice are the familiar faces giving testimonies and how the program helped them. Yes, they  are paid actors, these are not users or traders they are hired by scammers who are behind this system. Check out the images above to support our investigation. In our past review, we already saw these guys that is why it is easy for us to determine whether the program is a scam or not. They are paid $5 on Fiverr for those who wants to hire them.

Second Evidence – Free to Use

You can use Binary Options Millionaire for free – you can see it in all scam software. There is no such thing as free in binary options trading. You can sign up for free but you cannot use the application without depositing the minimum amount which is $250. The sad thing is that when you make a deposit, you will never get your money back. The claim that a trader will earn big using this scam is not at all real. Once you make a deposit you will lose everything instead of earning. So before you decide to use this application make sure that one is prepared to lose your hard-earned money.

Third Evidence – Impossible Profit

Earning $11539.59 a day is very encouraging. If this is for real then all those who use this app will get rich easily. But even the most reliable and legit program cannot generate such income. The maximum amount a platform can produce is around $1000 or less a day. If a robot offers you a profit higher that $1000 the possibility is that it is a scam so never trust them at all. The scheme’s primary objective is to trick you and encourage you to join with a selected broker and deposit money. Because they get paid by the broker they refer once the client makes a deposit.

Binary Options Millionaire is Scam – Conclusion

This in-depth Binary Options Millionaire review shows evidences that this system is nothing but a scam. Just like other scam software the website is full of lies and deceit to attract as many people as they can. The alleged owner Clark is a fictitious character and is a clear sign of a scam application. The impossible profit being offered is also not viable. The testimonials are all done by paid actors and it does not provide proof on their claims.

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