Binary Option Club is Scam! An Honest Review

This comprehensive Binary Option Club review will expose the lies and questionable facts about We believe that this social trading application and trade-copying platform is a scam. The scammers behind this app are probably a source of a quality trade copier, but we smell something fishy when the members are starting to lose trades and losing money.

As soon as the complaints start coming in we decided right away that we need to check on this app and write a review about it to warn the people.

First thing first, there are lots of fake reviews being posted about this software so make sure that you are reading the right one before you decide. Also, their marketing team has been sending spam emails, that include links that will direct you to their sign-up page. This is a very risky form of advertisement since it makes use of spyware to attack your browser navigation. Thru this they will know when is the right time to send you a message. If one thinks this application is legit we regret to inform you that it is not. The program is just like other scam software, the primary goal is to steal money from you. We believe that Binary Option Club is scam and we will prove it to you in this review.

If you visit website, you will be greeted by its promotional video showing the name of the narrator. We will reveal who this man is in the later part of our review. The video introduces the system but it’s not clear how the app really works, because they did not provide it in detailed. The only thing that is clear to us is that by using this platform you can follow trades of 6 trading experts. According to them you can become an expert and generate a good income by simply following the three easy steps. They claim that they can provide a solution to those who was tricked by other trading robots in the past. Unfortunately, they are also one of them. Instead of finding a legit platform, you are being funneled into a new app and has no record of success.

Binary Option Club is Scam – Three Evidences

This complete Binary Option Club review explains why we are not recommending this robot. It is a platform that enables you to copy the supposed professional binary options traders. And this will help you generate money and teaches you how successful traders does it. However, their claims are not true and questionable, as you continue reading this review we will reveal to you why we find this app a scam.

As we continue with our review, we will expose one by one the lies and deception they are trying to hide. The evidences are not surprising at all since you already see them in other scam sites. The scammers are just presenting it in different ways but if you try to look into it deeper you will find out that they are all the same.

First Evidence – Who is Paul Schafer?

We have tried searching for information about Paul Schafer but we cannot find one. You will see his name as you enter their website. We carried out thorough search and all we got about him is associated with the site. It does not clearly mentioned if he is the one responsible for the software. But we doubt it that he is the one since the scammers won’t reveal their real name so that people will not know who to sue. This fact is not surprising since all scam software do this. We have written this Binary Option Club review to warn you again and again, never trust a system with fake developers or CEO.

Second Evidence – Unnamed Experts and Questionable Stats

It was stated in their website that they will let you learn and copy trading experts. But who are these experts? Where is their proof that they are really expert in the field? Are they licensed to provide investment advices? Let’s check out one of the subscribers testimonial Sarah mcCullough. According to her the winnining rate is 90%. However, this rate is impossible to achieve in binary options trading. She can become a millionaire easily if this is the case. You can actually copy her if this is true. Sadly, this process is not true and very impossible. Actually, all the testimonies are questionable. We really doubt that the experts really exist.

Third Evidence – Fake Results

On their website, you will the latest trades done by this app. At first sight, it looks like everything seems okay, but when we take a closer look at the other trades we found out that some are questionable. We see one that surprises us, the trade done on February 26, 2017. The date falls on Sunday. We all know that trading is done only during weekdays how come this one is earning big during the weekend. It is a clear indication that it is a scam and people should not trust this software at all. Also, they tell us that their software will help traders to profit but if one reads their Risk Disclaimer you see the opposite. This is another deception that should not be overlooked.

Binary Option Club Review Conclusion

This complete review proves that Binary Option Club is scam. The above evidences are only some of the things that will prove how dangerous this program is. There are other things that you need to check before you decide to sign up.

If you find this software helpful to you, feel free to share it with others.

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